Lauren Spencer Smith – Fantasy (with GAYLE & Em Beihold)

If “Fantasy” is any indication, Lauren Spencer Smith is gearing up for a big year. Like her past hits “Fingers Crossed” and “Flowers,” “Fantasy” deals with moving on from a toxic relationship. This time, Smith is joined by GAYLE and Em Beihold to tell the song’s story.

It’s a fitting collaboration, as both GAYLE and Beihold are having moments of their own. Riding the success of her chart-topping hit “ABCDEFU,” GAYLE is one of the openers for Taylor Swift’s acclaimed The Eras Tour. Meanwhile, Beilhold’s 2022 single “Numb Little Bug” boosted her name in the pop genre and she is an opener for Lewis Capaldi’s 2023 tour. Together, the three artists create a bold pop anthem that refuses to pull any emotional punches.

On the making of “Fantasy,” Smith shared, “When writing ‘Fantasy,’ I wanted to capture how hard toxic relationships are and that coming out of those relationships can be so powerful. GAYLE and Em instantly connected with the topic and their verses helped take the song to another level.”

“Powerful” is the key word of Smith’s statement, as it sets the tone of “Fantasy.” In the song’s verses, Smith, GAYLE, and Beihold each reflect on how they were treated poorly in a relationship. Smith is alone at first, singing the first verse and chorus by herself

Every time you had a bad week / You would block me / Miss me then you added me back, saying sorry / If it was a part of your plan, then you got me,” Smith muses in her opening verse.

GAYLE then sings her own verse and joins Smith for the second chorus, while Beihold sings the song’s bridge and connects with Smith and GAYLE for the final chorus.

Heard you’re doing great now / Journal and you work out / Into meditation / Oh, congratulations/ When you gonna call me / And give me that apology / There I go again / Back living in a fantasy,” the three sing in the chorus of “Fantasy.”

By having the song structured in this way, each artist goes through her own individual journey while also supporting the other women. The music video for “Fantasy” supports this arrangement. For each of their verses, Smith, GAYLE, and Beihold find themselves alone in different situations before physically walking away to find each other.

With each chorus, the music and vocals grow stronger, representing each woman finding the power to move on from a toxic situation. While “Fantasy” could easily be a solo track, the collaboration between Smith, GAYLE, and Beihold benefits the song’s message and transforms it from a breakup anthem to a song about the strength women provide for each other.