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July Jones – Majesty

With only the opening notes of “Majesty,” July Jones entraps listeners. Released on April 14, “Majesty” combines cinematic elements and electro-pop trademarks to create a transformative listening experience.

The song opens with somber strings. Within seconds, “Majesty” gradually builds to a dramatic orchestration that sounds as if it was pulled from a chilling movie soundtrack. Jones’s vocals appear, adding to the song’s stirring tone.

Her voice then becomes a distorted part of the song’s production, repeating as a singular note over and over again until the song transforms entirely. Midway through “Majesty,” a rapid bassline replaces the grand orchestration from before. Instead of being found in a film, “Majesty” becomes an electro-pop track that would be heard in a dance club.

Jones sings along to the accelerated pace of the song, asking a love interest to treat her as royalty.

Make me your majesty / Make me a queen / Make me the eye of the VIP / Shine like gold that you got on your teeth / Call me ‘Your highness’ like I’m your fantasy,” Jones chants in “Majesty.”

When one looks at all of the different elements of “Majesty,” it is essentially two songs in one. It is the type of song that should not work but somehow does. This is a testament to the entrancing production of “Majesty.” The opening draws listeners in, and Jones’ voice is used in an effective way that bridges the song’s two halves together.

Given that “Majesty” is about entrancing a love interest, the production of “Majesty” is even more fitting. At times, Jones sounds like a siren, while other moments of the song have her appearing as pop royalty.

The strength of “Majesty” is that it is a total package of different pieces coming together. Its only pitfall is that at times, the lyrics Jones sings are not immediately clear. This is not a detractor from the song, but given Jones’ known songwriting skill, it is something worth noting.

While the studio version of “Majesty” was not released until April 14, Jones did preview the song during a handful of live performances earlier this year. With the singer set to launch a UK tour in May, the song is sure to have even more performances in front of audiences.

The song is the first single released from Silly Little Dream Part 2, Jones’ upcoming mixtape. The mixtape will be released later in 2023, and “Majesty” previews the type of unique songs fans can expect from Silly Little Dream Part 2.