Photo: Pamela Littky

Jonas Brothers – Waffle House

How many people can make a song titled “Waffle House” so addictive? The Jonas Brothers, that’s who. I have to confess that I was a little skeptical going into this one because the name sounded like something a kid would come up with, and to be honest, nothing less than a great song would make me admit that a song called “Waffle House” is good. However, after several listens, I still want to go back and listen again.

You might know that the Jonas Brothers’ sixth album is almost upon us, or you might not, and to call our attention to the project – short attention span, guys – they’ve decided to release the second and final single ahead of The Album’s May 5 release (no, it’s not a typo, the album is literally called The Album).

So uh… what’s “Waffle House” about? It’s about brotherly, or sisterly, or, I suspect, any kind of familial, love. It’s about the thick and the thin of growing up as siblings. It’s about having epic fights but always figuring out how to resolve them.

“(Hey now) We never knew how to forfeit / (Hey now) But we always knew how to talk shit / (Hey now) Couple nights, threw gasoline on the fire,” Jon Bellion and Nick Jonas kick off the song. Along the line, we hear that their sibling bond may not be perfect – or in the exact words used in the song, “we never knew how to perfect” – and even though things can get misread and tensions can fly high, they “always knew it would work.”

On March 24, Jonas Brothers shared the song’s release date and the idea behind it on their official Twitter page, writing: “’Waffle House’ was born from a simple but powerful idea: When you sit down with the people that matter most, anything is possible. This song isn’t about a restaurant, it’s about coming together with the people you love and making your dreams come true.”

They added: “Growing up, we would go to Waffle House after shows, & it became our sanctuary. It was the place we dreamt up ideas, the place where we worked through our problems together, & the place where we finally realized we could find our way through anything as long as we came together.”

In an interview with Variety, Nick Jonas revealed that “Waffle House” was actually a last-minute addition to The Album.

Stream “Waffle House” on Spotify below: