Photo: Peter O'Dowd

Jason Derulo – Glad U Came

No one can do dance-ready songs like Jason Derulo, and in time for summer too! It’s like he can read our minds. “Glad U Came” follows Derulo and David Guetta’s Winter release “Saturday/Sunday.” Keeping up with the feel-good vibes of its predecessor “Saturday/Sunday,” “Glad U Came” is about finding love on the dancefloor. Who hasn’t dreamed about that every once in a while?

I, I was ’bout to stay at home tonight (Yeah, yeah) / But my friend wouldn’t take “No” / Grab my money, keys, and phone and I was out,” Derulo sings in the opening verse, explaining the reason he’s even on the dance floor the day he met “It Girl.” “So girl, so girl (Yeah) / I saw you standin’ there across the room (Yeah, yeah) / I watched the whole room freeze when you looked back at me through the crowd.”

The rest of the song sees Derulo praise the chanced meeting as “destiny,” adding that they wouldn’t have found out about their beautiful connection had they not danced all night. At the end of the day, the dancefloor-buddies-turned-lovers “were just at the right place at the right time.”

Derulo first teased the 30-second version of the song on April 21st via his social media handles, writing, “One of my favorite songs I’ve done – Glad U Came.” The cover picture sees Derulo rocking multi-colored hair, and wearing a bling earring and necklace. You know, everything you need to be dance floor ready.

In his press release, he said of the song, “‘Glad U Came’ is beautiful love story about the power of destiny. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever done. Some songs come easy and some are real work records. I worked on this one for a cpl years (started November 2021) chipping away at it, spending time away from it to get fresh perspective then attacking it again. I did this till I felt it was right. I completed it right on time for summer 23, hope you love it as much as I do. 🔥”

The multi-platinum artist collaborated with T.I Jakke, Sam Martin, Spencer Bastian, Pink Slip, Shawn Charles, and Jesse Aicher when penning the smoothly dynamic track.

Derulo is primarily known for his dance-worthiness tracks, which include the Platinum singles “Wiggle,” “Trumpets,” “Take You Dancing,” “It Girl,” and many others. Since starting his solo career in 2009, he has gone on to accumulate over 18.2B worldwide streams, earning a dedicated 117 million followers across all platforms along the way. At the moment, he is said to be working on his fifth studio album.