Jackson Wang – Slow (with Ciara)

I think it’s becoming some kind of a trend for artists to release a song in time for Coachella. But let’s not say that Jackson Wang was copying any artist – his Coachella set wouldn’t have been complete without the thrilling live performance of “Slow.” You can tell just how much fans loved the superstars’ performance of the song because it’s easy to hear the happy screams coming from your device’s speaker (if you’re like me and live-streamed it). But I guess that you can’t seriously not scream when Wang and Ciara are onstage.

Apart from Wang making history by being the first Chinese-American solo act to have a set at Coachella, he also got to collaborate with his long-time fave Ciara. So it’s basically a win-win for Wang and for us – we got a beautiful performance at Coachella and a brand new song to fall in love with.

For the performance, Wang, whose eyes were dripping black paint, donned a bodysuit that was equal parts black and red, which was in contrast to Ciara’s all-white Dolce & Gabbana. At the end of their “Slow” performance, Wang asked the crowd to “make some fucking noise for the Queen.” He continued, “I want to say thank you so much. You inspired me, you inspired everybody… On behalf of everybody, I wanna thank you, we wanna thank you for who you are and thank you for being such a big part of my life. We are too blessed to have you.”

“Slow“ is basically about not rushing love and allowing a relationship to progress naturally. “Slow the pace, ain’t a race, woah / I’m here all night for love, that’s right / When you please me, pump the breaks / You can take your sweet time / Ease your mind and remember,” Ciara sings in the pre-chorus of the dripping track.

In “Slow’s” press release, Wang raved about working with Ciara on the track, saying, “Collaborating with Ciara was like catching lightning in a bottle. Her energy, passion, and creativity elevated this track to new heights, and her unwavering commitment to excellence inspired us to create something truly magical.” Didn’t I tell you he was a big fan?

On Ciara’s part, the R&B singer acknowledged that being a part of the song was a no-brainer for her. She said, “The first time I heard the song Slow, I knew wanted to be a part of it. I loved the melodies and the catchiness of the song. Jackson’s voice and his energy are infectious, and I am excited to be part of his incredible journey!”