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Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj – Princess Diana (Remix)

This Ice Spice collab with Nicki Minaj is blowing up the internet. At the time of this writing, their collab video is on the top ten trending music on YouTube. And may I say that the song – name and everything – is coming at a time when the Brits will be crowning their first monarch in over seventy years, (hoping this track feeds off the controversy of the historic occasion?) As Nicki would rap, “They burned they London Bridges (Bridges), none of them bitches British (No).”

“Princess Diana” was released as part of Ice Spice’s debut EP Like…?, alongside an R-rated visualizer on YouTube. While this year has seen Ice Spice work on building her music career by being consistent, Nicki has only just returned with the hit “Red Ruby Da Sleaze,” where she dropped some Easter Eggs for Barbz to unscramble. To tease the upcoming collaboration with Ice Spice, fans believe “the Queen” hinted at it when she referenced an Ice Spice lyric in “Red Ruby Da Sleaze.”

A few weeks before the collaboration arrived, Nicki confirmed the collab by sharing the lyric, “Bitches is ass if we keeping it crack.”

The song’s intro sees Nicki hyping Ice Spice up before she’d start rapping, finally telling her to “finish ’em.” Ice Spice then dives in with the catchy chorus that’s designed to hook an audience from the start, rapping, “Like, grrah, keep it a stack/Bitches move wock’ ’cause they know I got bands (Damn) / They be chattin’, I don’t give a damn / And I’m still gettin’ money, I know who I am (Grrah).

When Nicki comes in at around the second verse, her flow, and the braggadocios lines she’s famously known for – remember when Ariana ran pop? – takes the energy of the song to another level. “I, I, I be eatin’ my spinach (Spinach), they tried to clone my image (Image) / They burned they London Bridges (Bridges), none of them bitches British (No) / I know they know the difference (Grr),” she raps, also referencing her image on “Red Ruby Da Sleaze” with the line, “Bad little redhead.”

The accompanying music video perfectly captures Nicki’s Barbie persona – there’s a reason her fans are called Barbz – by being mostly shot in a room that’s pink to the max. Throughout the video, we see Nicki and Ice Spice take turns twerking, with some scenes shot from a phone camera to give the impression of a girly night-in.

The original song was written by Ice Spice and RIOTUSA, with the latter producing the track. The remix adds Nicki Minaj to the songwriting credits.