David Guetta – Baby Don’t Hurt Me (feat. Anne-Marie & Coi Leray)

After the success of “I’m Good (Blue)” featuring Bebe Rexha, fans have been hotly anticipating the next song that the DJ/producer will release. In a year where there’s been a big EDM resurgence – we’ve heard from Calvin Harris, Alan Walker, and Ellie Goulding’s fifth album is EDM leaning as well as Bebe Rexha’s new musical offerings, is David Guetta here to take the crown once again as the master of electronic dance music?

To send his latest single “Baby Don’t Hurt Me” racing up the charts, he’s not only carefully crafted the 90s leaning dance music, but he’s also recruited some global stars. Yes, I’m talking about Anne-Marie and Coi Leray on the vocals, and Ed Sheeran on the writing credits.

If you get a little bit nostalgic listening to “Baby Don’t Hurt Me,” as you did listening to “I’m Good (Blue),” don’t worry, you didn’t travel back in time or anything. It’s just David Guetta, again, reworking some of our favorite 90s dance music. This one is a rework of Haddaway’s 90s hit “What Is Love,” which reached #1 in charts across 13 countries. With David Guetta’s masterful skills, and the catchy hook from “What Is Love,” “Baby Don’t Hurt Me” could well chase after “I’m Good (Blue),” which already has 1.5 billion combined global streams within just seven months of its release.

“I want you for the dirty and clean / When you’re wakin’ in your dreams / When you bite my tongue and make me scream (And make me scream),” Anne-Marie kicks off the dance track by introducing us to the purpose of the song: a love that’s not always easy. “See, I got everything that you need / Ain’t nobody gon’ do it like me / We are burnin’ at a high degree (Burnin’ at a high degree).”

“And you make me feel like it burns / And it hurts, uh / Maybe that’s part of the rush / This is us,” Anne-Marie continues in the pre-chorus, with a racing beat accompanying her mellow vocals.
Powered by Anne-Marie and Coi Leray, the chorus asks “What is love?“ before pleading, “Baby, don’t hurt me.” David Guetta first premiered the single featuring Anne-Marie and Coi Leray during his set at Ultra Music Festival 2023.

An official animated lyric video accompanies the single. And not just any old lyric video, this one is made even more interesting and beautiful by presenting dozens of different faces of couples and their expressions, but with each face blending into the next one.