Photo: Chessa Subbiando


For all of us pop heads who are old enough to remember (and by that, I mean, millennials) the sibling duo formed by Brandon and Savannah Hudson better known as BETWEEN FRIENDS, has a special place in our hearts. After their debut EP, we just need some time together, in 2018, they most certainly had the music industry at their feet thanks to their brilliant unconventional production and clever, catchy, and earnest lyricism. However, the duo took a small hiatus until 2021 when they released their debut album I like when you shine! Even though they had given us just a small taste of their music before 2021, those 4 and a bit years of craving their return were beyond rewarded when the album dropped.

Since then, they’ve kept on top of the scene and now come back to release their newest single ‘Bruise’. With a slick guitar riff and drums that take us back to the 2000s, the single captures our attention almost immediately as Brandon and Savannah trade lines about struggles of dating and, the incredibly relatable, “situationship” status – definitely having every Gen Z immediately connect with the song. Savannah’s smooth vocals on the hook are pure magic and the production builds up to create a warm and dreamy soundscape that perfectly serves the outpouring of emotions by the duo.

“Bruise” comes accompanied by a visualizer that takes us even further back to the origins of MTV. With title cards on the lower left corner, just like in the days when the iconic channel would play music videos on repeat and we’d switch our parents’ TVs to tune in. The minimalism of the video is also very on-brand for the duo, while Brandon sitting on a couch in the back, and Savannah ironing an 80s shirt endlessly while the wind blows on her face.

Ambient synths, ’90s R&B, atmospheric pop, you name it, there’s nothing this duo hasn’t mastered. They’ve always been characterized by blending numerous styles of music while somehow managing to keep the same signature sound that original fans love and new fans fall for. With fans vibing to their lyrical musings of young culture in the internet age, it is unsurprising that their following has increased during the past few years and they’ve sold out a headline tour. With “Bruise” being the ultimate proof that they’re bringing their A-game this year, the unbelievable chemistry of the siblings has produced yet another must-listen for anyone who’s ever been bruised by love.