Bebe Rexha – Call On Me

Bebe Rexha is sending us to the dance floor once again with the latest single, “Call On Me” – one of 12 songs fans can expect to hear on her upcoming third studio album Bebe. Preceded by 70s inspired “Heart Wants What It Wants” and the smash hit “I’m Good (Blue)” featuring David Guetta, “Call On Me” is all about having a good time whenever and however you want, sort of like “I’m Good (Blue).”

Judging from the songs we’ve heard so far from Bebe, we can tell that it will be a dance record that empowers, uplifts, and overall spreads good vibes, which is generally what Rexha does in her songs nine out of ten times.

Written by Bebe Rexha, BURNS, Jin Jin, and Dave Gibson, and produced by BURNS, it truly is a sign that the artist is not afraid to venture back into the world of electronic dance music; her first love, no pun intended. “All through the night, like a bird in flight/Under the moonlight, caressin’ me right / God only knows how long I’ve waited for this / It’s been the longest time,” Rexha sings of loving it up with the perfect partner. The pre-chorus continues with the illusion of having someone else by her side as she sings, “You never made me feel like heaven / Never made me feel this high.”

However, the chorus comes with quite a twist as listeners realize that she isn’t singing about having a great time with a lover, she’s singing about knowing how to give herself the best time ever. “If I need a lover / Someone to hold me / Satisfy all my needs / If I need a lover / Someone to save me / Someone to set me free / I’d call on me,” Rexha sings of being fully capable of having a great time by herself, without seeking help from anybody.

In a press release, Rexha calls “Call On Me” “a perfect mix of the 70s stuff and the big dance hook. I absolutely love that record every time I play it with my friends. I love the empowerment; if I want somebody to satisfy me, I’m not calling anyone. I can do it myself!”

“Call On Me” might as well be the musical twin to “Heart Wants What It Wants,” as they both share an upbeat melody, an empowering theme, and a 70s-inspired sound.

As the longest-charting female artist on Billboard‘s Dance/Electronic chart, Rexha is obviously not here to play, doesn’t mean she won’t dance!