Shygirl – Heaven (feat. Tinashe)

Following the release of her debut album Nymph, Shygirl is returning with the deluxe version Nymph_o – out April 14 – that will put a spin on some of the songs fans already love and enjoy in the original record. To tease the project’s release, she teamed up with Tinashe for a remix of her single “Heaven.”

But Tinashe is only one of the names on the list of collaborations fans can expect to see on the deluxe edition of Nymph, which features Björk, Arca, Erika de Casier, Eartheater, and more.

Boy, you’re heaven / Won’t you let me in? / Please ignore all the things I did / If loving you is a sin / I just wanna make it up to you,” Shygirl comes in with the chorus, singing about a relationship she’ll do anything to preserve.

Tinashe kicks off the first verse with her ethereal vocals, singing, “Don’t be jealous when I give in too soon / It’s the way that you look at me.” At this point, Shygirl adds her voice with Tinashe’s in aid and abate situation, “That makes me fall for you / I just wanna give it up to you / I need to love you right / It’s the way that you look at me / The only one that I like.”

The new version of the song blames breakup as the reason she’s not with the guy of her dreams, while the first one wasn’t that clear: “I know we ain’t talkin’ / It don’t mean nothin’ / I know we broke up / I still don’t feel free (Want you to stay).”

One of the standout elements in the track is how Shygirl and Tinashe coalesce and separate their voices throughout the song. Sometimes they sing solo lines, but there isn’t a verse that Tinashe entirely sings without Shygirl’s voice coming in at some points and vice-versa.

Tinashe is universally known for her unique vocals. She expertly used it to good effect to elevate Shygirl’s and give the song a calm and otherworldly edge, which the video does a lot to compliment.

The music video starts off with Tinashe arriving at a restaurant and going through a futuristic-looking tablet to see text messages exchanged between her and a lover she’s after. A line in the exchange makes her cry, and her mystical tear grows. We are taken inside the tear to see a magical place where there are dancing watery versions of Shygirl and Tinashe.

With every piece of music Shygirl releases, her fanbase grows and she’s well on her way to invading the charts.