Sabrina Carpenter – Feather

Sabrina Carpenter’s new single “Feather” is the perfect song to dance along to when you want closure from a rough relationship. As part of the deluxe version of her fifth studio album Emails I Can’t Send, the song arrives just as she is about to embark on the second leg of her “Emails I Can’t Send Tour,” set to include her very first UK and European dates.

The deluxe edition of Emails I Can’t Send – dubbed Emails I Can’t Send fwd – contains four new songs, bringing the album’s total number of songs to 17. Led by “Feather,” a song about moving on from a relationship in the best way, the deluxe tracks address the thoughts that can start to run through your mind when a relationship ends.

Oh, it’s like that / I’m your dream come true / when it’s on a platter for you,” she sings about a relationship that a lover is only invested in because they see profit, even though, according to the rest of the first verse, they run away whenever there are any plans for the future.

Finally, alert to the manipulative ways of her lover, she finds the strength to “slam the door” and say “no” as she makes them nothing more than an afterthought.

Celebrating her decision to end the relationship, she sings in the chorus: “I feel so much lighter, like a feather with you off my mind / Floating through the memories, like whatever, you’re a waste of time.”

Going on to list the ways the relationship ending benefited her, she sings: “It feels so good / Not caring where you are tonight / And it feels so good / Not pretending to like the one you like.”

Even though it was only accompanied by a lyric video, it still drew the interest of fans who see it as a means to heal from the pains of an ended relationship.

During an interview with Teen Vogue, Carpenter said that the name of the album is a representation of what kick-started the idea for the project. “A lot of it came from the humor side of things. I would be reading it and being like, ‘Oh my god, that’s so terrible, how did I say that?’. Then it would turn into a song. Most of the songs that happened were me going like, ‘Oh my god that’s terrible I can’t say that,’ and then I say it, but for three minutes,” she explained.

Landing at number 23 on the Billboard 200, Emails I Can’t Send became Carpenter’s highest-charting album to appear on the chart.