Rosalía & Rauw Alejandro – BESO

“She’s very intense. It’s hard. For me it’s not complicated because I know her, so everything is more fluent, easy going, I understand her and I know how to communicate with her […] but in the end, she always wins”, is what Rauw Alejandro, the Puerto Rican urban Latin music star, said about working with his girlfriend Rosalía, the Spanish singer, songwriter, and producer powerhouse in a recent interview they did together promoting their new collaborative EP, RR.

RR is their first-ever collaboration featuring 3 tracks; “BESO”, “VAMPIROS”, and “PROMESA”. The EP’s tracks are meant to capture different stages of love, with “BESO” being the perfect opening combining both high-energy reggaeton and smooth vocal melodies by both artists, which inevitably creates an instantly satisfying banger.

Rosalia’s signature flamenco-influenced sound is still present on “BESO,” but it’s complemented by Alejandro’s trap-infused reggaeton beats. The song’s chorus features the duo singing in unison, with their voices perfectly blending together. What’s impressive about “BESO” is how it balances both artists’ styles without compromising either one. The song feels like a true collaboration, rather than one artist featuring the other. This is obviously due to the chemistry that Rosalía and Alejandro have in real life, which translates to their music.

The music video for “BESO” also adds another layer to the song’s story. The video features Rosalía and Alejandro in various romantic and intimate settings, including a scene where Rosalía appears to be wearing an engagement ring. This was recently confirmed making this video one of the most impactful moments of the whole release, merging fanbases and making everyone incredibly excited and happy for them.

Overall, “BESO” is a strong addition to both artists’ discographies. It showcases their individual strengths while also highlighting their ability to work together seamlessly, which has clearly been solidified throughout the years as we’ve seen both of them work with some of the most incredible and talented individuals in the scene, from The Weeknd, to Pharrell, J Calvin, Bad Bunny, Anuel AA, Nicky Jam, etc.

The rest of the RR EP is also worth a listen, with the first two tracks being similarly high-energy reggaeton tracks that showcase Rosalía and Alejandro’s chemistry. The final track, “Promesa,” slows things down and showcases the couple’s sensual side.

With the promise of more collaborations in the future, it’s exciting to see where Rosalía and Alejandro will take their music next. With their undeniable chemistry and talent, it’s clear that this won’t be the last we hear of these two together.