RIMON – I Choose U (feat. RINI)

Well-known RIMON makes a quick return with the stunning crafted single “I Choose U.” 

With the helping hand of RINI and Samuel Kareem (brains of the production), listeners fuse between the connected dots of R&B and pop as the singer-songwriter RIMON ditches the old days and enters her lover’s era. Watch out, Taylor Swift, as RIMON paints the romantic stories of having eyes on one particular individual through the delicacy of lyrics and visually pleasing productions – giving us a tale of surprises. As she portrays a telling story from every angle, listeners, including myself, can resonate with the truth of falling for someone.  

Delivered by the sweet chorus of “If I could pick and choose / In this life or the next, yeah, I’d choose you / A million candles in my room / Wax burns forever, if lit by two / Two, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, yeah, ooh, yeah,” to the addictive verse of “Know you’re the one I desire, yeah / I don’t wanna be so far from you (No more) / Wanna keep you in my point of view (Ah, ah, ah) / Your sunkissed body (Body) / Like honey (Honey) / Pourin’ on me, your love (Your love, your love, your love) / Can’t compare it, what I’m feelin’ / Just take me all the way / Past the new, ooh, ooh, horizon / You’re all I see / Me, you, us, together / Oh-oh, oh-oh,” RIMON and RINI work together to alleviate listeners from the ground as they float from the beams of the city to calm, poetic sunset of the beach. 

Taking into account her ever-changing life, Ethiopian-Eritrean-born and Amsterdam-raised RIMON portrays her life through the style of music, yet hand-picking her lyricism and juxtaposing it with collective upbeat music to really show the effective talent of one. But also giving listeners a story that can’t be found anywhere else. From one country to another and finding her way from a young age, it’s evident in her latest work that RIMON understands what she’s at best, and “I Choose U” gives her that extra push. 

Accompanied by the official music video, RIMON takes lead to capture the couples of New York and represent all forms of life as they fall in love under the gleaming lights of the city – captured by director Yavez Anthonio. 

With a collection of projects under her belt and never missing a beat, and being listed on Forbes’ “30 under 30” list, RIMON is vastly gaining attention and is ready to take the next step with her debut album, due later this year.