Nicki Minaj – Red Ruby Da Sleaze

Nicki Minaj is the newest buzzword on Twitter, and she’s trending as “The Queen.” As far as Minaj is concerned, she’s still on hiatus. The rapper we’re hearing on “Red Ruby Da Sleaze” is her alter-ego. Any fan of hers knows that she’s got a hundred of those just waiting for her to flip them on – remember Chun Li?

And with this one mildly surprise single “Red Ruby Da Sleaze” – teased just a day before the actual release – Minaj has got people calling her “the moment,” “the future,” “the poet,” and of course Minaj’s name can only be complete when there’s “the Queen” tag right alongside it.

For Minaj, the bar is never high enough, and according to a post she shared on Instagram, she’s about to send ghostwriters running at the sound of her latest single. And she did, didn’t she? Just hours after the release of the highly anticipated single, she topped US iTunes, extending her record as the rapper with the most number-one hits on the platform.

“Red Ruby Da Sleeze, Chinese on my sleeve / These wannabe Chun-Li’s, anyway,” Minaj raps on a track that addresses her undying prominence as one of rapper’s leading ladies. Using different kinds of dishes to describe her rap peers, who she calls “Dorito bitches,” and teasing the single with pictures of her two-toned hair self surrounded by the dishes she name-drops in the song, it’s kind of telling that the alter-ego that’s making a comeback is Chun-Li, her “bad guy persona.”

“Who the fuck told bitches they was me now?” she raps in what can only be seen as a diss to her competition, whoever they may be. But that’s not even the line that stings the most, as the second verse sees her hit the nail on the head with the line, “When the Queen leave, bitches wanna come out like a cockroach.” We all know Minaj has been radio silent these past few months, so yeah, the line totally makes sense.

She switches her flow so many times in the song, the melody grips you and keeps you replaying it like you’ve got nothing better to do, and her fans are determined to get this song trending in all the right places. So get ready for a “Red Ruby Da Sleaze” invasion.

The animated lyric video accompanying the song proves that she’s not lost her touch with creating beautiful and riveting visuals. As Minaj sings, “Bad gyal don’t die-die-die.”


  • Nmesoma Okechukwu

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