Mae Muller – I Wrote A Song

So uh… Imagine all the cruel things you want to do to an ex who used you so cruelly and then imagine you let it go and wrote a song about it instead… That song would be Mae Muller’s newest bop “I Wrote A Song,” which has landed her a place to represent the UK in the upcoming Eurovision contest.

“When you said you were leaving / To work on your mental health / You didn’t mention the cheating, yeah / You kept that one to yourself,” Muller sings in the opening verse, setting the stage for an outburst of anger her mom would be so proud she controlled.

With “I Wrote A Song,” the 25-year-old from London beautifully delivered a song that’s about heartbreak, anger, and, best of all, restraint. “Instead I wrote a song / ‘Bout how you did me wrong,” she sings in the chorus, before eventually admitting that pouring out her soul into a song eventually made her feel better.

Speaking about the song, Muller said, “‘I Wrote A Song’ is a track I wrote after the fallout from a relationship. I was hurt and also a little angry, so I thought, where can I put this negative energy and make something positive out of it? The song is less about revenge and more about empowering yourself. While I was recording the song, I envisioned me and my girls dancing to it on a Saturday night, and that’s exactly what I want people to do! To dance, sing, let go, and feel empowered after listening.” And with the song’s catchiness egging you on, you find that it doesn’t take much for you to dance along to it.

Muller wrote the dance-pop anthem with Karen Poole, known for working with the likes of Kylie Minogue and David Guetta, and Lewis Thompson. The song infuses her honest and relatable songwriting, along with a hint of the snarky energy she’s known for.

The accompanying music video sees Muller alternate from anger at her cheating ex, as seen when her giant self crushes his car and other properties of his, to dancing with her friends and having a good time. So, like the track, there’s a duality of anger and just letting it go and having a great time.

Directed by the duo AB/CD/CD, the video complements the track by showing a giant Muller literally stomping all over any lingering memories of her ex.