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LØLØ – 5,6,7,8 (feat. girlfriends)

Pop-punk singer-songwriter, LØLØ returns with a brand new single titled “5,6,7,8,” featuring girlfriends. The gritty new track premiered worldwide on Apple Music on The Zayn Lowe Show and is also the artist’s first release this year after her EP, debbie downer, which came out last year. With upbeat guitar hooks and a powerhouse drum beat, the singer croons about a failed relationship, describing the anger and sadness she feels. 

“And we just keep on dancing ’round the truth / That, in the end, it won’t be me and you / Spinning ’round the elephant in the room / It’s getting pretty dizzy / When we go through the motions, oh, what a performance / Could win an award but I don’t wanna lose you.”

The lyrics take on an angrier tone once Mills hops on. “It’s like the truth makes you nervous, twist my words like they’re cursive / You would think we rehearsed it, the way that we’re hurting / Doesn’t make any sense, still got your voice in my head / You’re either saying ‘I love you’ or you wish I was dead.”

Speaking about the track, which was produced by John Feldmann, The Futuristics, and Brock, LØLØ says, “‘5,6,7,8’ is about dancing around the truth and avoiding the inevitable with someone you love, but don’t want to let go, even though you probably should. You know it probably isn’t going to work out between you two, and that fucking sucks, so you try to avoid it… but that only makes things worse. Although I am a terrible dancer, I love dancing, so I thought it could be a really cool metaphor for this feeling.”

The Toronto native is coming off a successful year having performed at the Sad Summer Festival as well as Lollapalooza. She also collaborated with Simple Plan on their 20th anniversary re-release of their hit song, “I’m Just a Kid.” The singer, who is now based in LA, took off on TikTok back in 2020 when she rewrote verses of popular songs from different points of views, garnering attention from several fandoms, including Swifties, after she covered “Betty” from Taylor Swift’s folklore album. Not only did she capture audiences with her unique vocals, but she also proved herself as a lyricist, who is able to take on a multitude of genres and make these covers her own. 

You can catch LØLØ at the Slam Dunk Festival in the UK in May on the 27th and 28th.