Ellie Goulding – By the End of the Night

“By the End of the Night” is Ellie Goulding’s fifth single off of her album Higher than Heaven – coming this April 7. Following closely on the tail of her collaborative Trance hit “Miracle” with Calvin Harris, “By the End of the Night” sees Goulding sing about the joy of letting go of everything to fall in love. Truly, the single is escapism at its finest.

Wide awake, in the midnight sun / Elevate, you’re the brand-new drug / I wanna taste, wanna dry my tears / They disappear when I’m / With you, feel like the summer,” Goulding sings on a track that’s about having someone who makes you happy to be in love. And no, she does not want to have “fever dreams,” not when she could be looking at the lights. Throughout the song, we encounter lyrics that force us to use our imaginative powers.

With over a decade in the music industry and four studio albums under her belt – five with the release of Higher than Heaven – fans are more than convinced that Goulding needs better marketing from her record label because all her hits are a banger. “By the End of the Night” is Goulding perfecting her signature voice and style and kicking it into another gear.

Goulding says of the track: “I feel like we’ve all been through so much over the last few years, we’re still processing everything. I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like we need music that uplifts us and makes us feel good and that’s exactly how I feel about ‘By The End Of The Night’.”

She adds: “It gives me a sense of euphoric, sensual escape, like being on a dance floor on another planet, something that was definitely appealing back in the late 80s where this track could have easily come from!”

Goulding’s new era will focus on uplifting messages to lift us out of the darkness that’s been largely our existence for the past few years. Being sensible to the fact that people aren’t going to go hard for just any old breakup or love record, Goulding fashioned Higher than Heaven to represent “a hyper form of love,” the type that gives off a “drug-induced feeling.” The love we’ll get to witness in this new record will feel “artificial,” but that’s how Goulding wants it to be. Fortunately, there’ll be the twist of a “potential crash.”