Ciara – Da Girls

“Da Girls” sees Ciara celebrating her girls and well, slightly scoffing at her haters. Pure R&B magic, the song serves as a female empowerment anthem, as she shouts out to all the independent ladies out there who “don’t need no man” to build their empire.

“This is for the girls getting money (Ayy) / This is for the girls who don’t need no man / This is for the girls who love yourself / This is for all the girls who up and did it by themselves / This is for all the girls that’s I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T,” Ciara sings in what is her latest empowerment anthem.

This song serves to motivate, empower and inspire girls to learn to stand on their own, make their own money and live the best stress-free life they want and need. Contrary to some translators saying that the song is promoting the single life, it’s actually all about independence and learning to provide the things you want by yourself.

The first verse sees her knock the hammer on the head of the nail by advising, “Get that money, sis.” Throughout the song we learn that Ciara’s not the type of girl you can keep inside – she’s way too fine for that – and that she books her own trips whenever, however, and in whatever manner she chooses. “Don’t ever let ‘еm disrespect you and call you out your name,” she sings, adding that no one should insult her by calling her a snack. I mean, the girl’s a seven-course meal.

The second verse sees her almost flaunting her wealth in the face of listeners, as if guiding us on to go out there and make it as well, as she sings about the joys and freedom her bank account that looks like a phone number affords her.

Ciara, as always, did not disappoint with her visuals. The music video sees her and some friends – who can dance! – celebrate their wealth and literally throw money around like it’s nothing. If you’re a bit triggered by them splashing money whilst in a swimming pool, you’re not alone.

Speaking of the video, which was produced by Derrick Milano, OG Parker, Romano, tenroc and Mike Woods, Ciara says: “I wanted an all-female team for this video to capture the energy and joy of when girls come together and have a good time. This is how I am with MY girls.”

As for the song, Ciara knows exactly what she wants it to achieve, saying, “Da Girls is a female empowerment anthem that celebrates the strength and resiliency of women all over the world. It speaks life into the endless possibilities of a woman on a mission.”