Photo: The Lede Company

Calvin Harris – Miracle (with Ellie Goulding)

Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding want to put fans in a trance with their new single, “Miracle.” It’s been a while since we last heard Harris and Goulding combine their talents to release a song – they first did in 2013 with the hit “I Need Your Love” and loved it so much that they repeated it again in 2014 with the single “Outside.”

And hey, if you feel like you’re on a 90’s dancefloor when listening to “Miracle,” just know that it’s all part of Harris’ grand plan. “When I started making music, I was 14. It was 1998 and ’98, ’99, 2000, 2001 was for me kind of formative trance and house era. So what I did usually was just take bits from that and put it in a new context,” Harris told Zane Lowe (via Rolling Stone) in a March 10 interview about why the single sounds so nostalgic and new at the same time. “But this time I thought maybe I’ll just try and maybe more recreate something that could be from back then… The only thing that I think makes it not sound like it’s from 1996 is the kick drum, because the kick drum’s pretty banging.”

“Are you too cynical / To believe in a miracle / Let you slip through my hands / But could you take a chance on me,” Goulding’s magical voice croons as ethereal piano, quick drums, and pumping bass accompany her voice. The synths take the song to new highs and leave fans to ooh and ahh at the general otherworldly feeling inspired by it.

“Can you forgive it all / To believe in a miracle? / Yeah, I put you through hell / But I’m asking you to believe / To believe in a miracle,” Goulding, who Harris literally swears by as the only one who can do what she does, sings in the second part of the chorus as the beat adds more intensity.

The lyric video accompanying it adds to the trance-like sound of the song with vivid visuals of a glowing butterfly, a person running on a rainbow, and colorful spirals.

“I definitely have very defined sort of likes and dislikes for music and artists. And one of my likes is an Ellie Goulding angelic vocal,” Harris told Lowe of his collaborative partner. “One of a kind. You’re not going to get this from anyone else. Ellie can do a lot of different things, for me, this is my absolute favorite thing that she does, and only she can do it, in my opinion.”