BIA – I’M THAT BITCH (feat. Timbaland)

“I’M THAT BITCH” is BIA effortlessly uniting the 90s rap scene with today’s flow, and it’s so infectious you feel like you can’t stop listening even if you tried. Sampling Missy Elliott’s “She’s a Bitch” on the song and paying homage to the rap legend with the song’s cover art, BIA shows that she is ready to step into a new level of creativity. “Had to serve this look on the cover for the STYLE ICON,” she wrote in a post on Instagram, referencing her Missy Elliott-inspired look.

Loaded with empowering lines, “I’M THAT BITCH” feeds off of BIA’s truly astonishing confidence, and serves as the perfect follow-up to “SIXTEEN” – a song that sees BIA rap about her humble beginnings and compares her broke days to how far she’s gotten now with her blossoming music career.

“Soon as you see me I up it, I’m gone / I’m really livin’ the shit in my song,” she raps about climbing the steps of fame, adding, “Glock in my bag and it don’t got a safety / I make the money, I don’t let it make me.”

“I got a type if he makin’ me rich / And these bitches be watchin’ my page like a twitch… I’m a top bitch, I’m a alpha (Alpha) / I’m addicted to money and power, uh (Yeah, yeah, yeah) / And we smokin’ ya hot like a grabba,” she continues exaltingly, before leading off to the chorus that sees her admitting that she’s “that bitch” who “killed them hoes” and “left that shit on read,” the one that throws fits cause she’s “that bitch.”

The entire song is filled with memorable lines like, “I’m the truth without gettin’ too preachy,” “I’m the type to go get my respect / Prolly gon’ die with my foot on they neck,” “I’m a real bitch so I do what I wanna,” and “I limit my drama, I’m havin’ good karma.”

BIA immediately followed up the single release with a flashy video that sees her serving it up in different futuristic-looking outfits, including one that features a black mask with intricate carvings on it. Her dancers and the dance routine really served to improve the hype already inspired by the song. Directed by Mike Ho, the entire video is shot in a dark space with flashing lights decorating the background.

Co-produced by and featuring adlibs from Timbaland, “I’M THAT BITCH” features a drill-type beat. As the second single from BIA this year, fans are expecting news of an album or an EP not so far ahead.