Astrid S – Fuck Off

Astrid S just dropped her angriest song to date and fans are confused and thrilled at the same time. “Fuck Off” joins a growing line of songs by female artists savagely ripping into an ex. I heard this song and immediately thought of Gayle’s “ABCDEFU,” – albeit with a bit more bite. Of course, before Gayle’s was Halsey’s “I’m Not Mad.” If you’re thinking that a few songs in Nessa Barrett’s catalog also fits the bill, you’re not wrong.

Starting the song with a laugh and a voice that says “Fitte” and “okay”, but imagine it coming from an amateurish recording device, Astrid kicks off the song in the gentlest of voices, accompanied by minimal instruments and no beat, singing, “I’ve been tryna tell you / Need to get this off my chest, but I can’t find the right words / Been practicing it over in my head for hours / It keeps me up at night, I even bought you flowers.

The beat comes in and the instruments grow heavier as she gets to the chorus and sings, “please take it the right way,” with the general song intensifying as she says her first “fuck off.”

She starts the first verse by listing all the bad things she hopes would happen to the ex, whose “dick is getting smaller.” Made even more interesting with snarky phrases like, “Hope you make your friends laugh behind your back,” “Is that your mouth or your asshole? (Asshole) / ‘Cause what comes out is the same shit,” and “Hopin’ your wine always turns into water,” she goes on to spill the words she told us in the very beginning she practiced for hours.

Released on March 17, “Fuck Off” is meant to be a part of an upcoming EP, Felt Cute Might Delete Later – set for release this 2023.

“We made this song purely for fun right before leaving the studio. The happiest/cutest fuck u song to ever exist! What better way to put on some panties with a bow to get the message across,” she says of the song’s risqué cover art.

As for the reason fans will soon be getting an EP from her instead of a full-length project, the Norwegian star said, “I’ve been working on my second album for a while, it’s not coming quite yet, but! I’ve been listening through old demos and voice notes to see if there were any hidden gems. Unfortunately, nothing fits in with my upcoming album concept, so I decided to pick out my favorites and make it into an EP.”