Mimi Webb – Amelia


You can’t deny that Mimi Webb has come a long way from her “Before I Go” days when she was just starting out and through a twist of fate, with a little help from influencer Charli D’Amelio, catapulted to fame.

Since then, she’s cemented her legacy as the singer that has expertly touched on almost every aspect of love and heartbreak. If she doesn’t want to “set your house on fire,” she’ll be staying even through the “red flags.” It doesn’t always work out and roles could be reversed and she’ll be telling us the tragic side “that you left out.”

Preceded by four singles – “House on Fire,” “Ghost of You,” “Red Flags,” and, the latest, “Roles Reversed” – Amelia is the perfect trip to take when you’re hurting. It goes from songs that touch on those tender parts of you that still sting after a particularly hard breakup, through the anger that can be borne of heartbreak, before leading to the place we all wish to be at the end of a devastating heartbreak: stronger, happier, and so over it.

The title track – the outro, if you will – particularly touches on the ups and downs of life, with touching lyrics that reads partially like a memory and like the advice we all need to hear. “Your mistakes, heartbreaks will only make you stronger anyway / And when you’re older, you’ll see life will pass you by / So just enjoy the ride, don’t cry / Everything is gonna be just fine,” she sings in the chorus.

By the time we get to the second verse, her gentle voice continues to take us on a trip down memory lane as she compares her recent memories with one from ages ago: “The summers you and your friends laughed till you nearly cried / Then the one where you all grew up, went livin’ different lives.”

There are very few artists that can play with the emotions of their listeners as Webb can. And the best thing about this record is that even though it’s driven by beautiful lyrics you get caught up in, the sound, the instrumentals, and her vocals did not take a backseat.

Talking about the project in an interview with Dork, Webb said that she wanted her fans to see the different parts of her, “the girl from the UK countryside who loves to be at home with her family, friends, and dogs; and Mimi, the pop artist who loves to be up on stage traveling the world.”

Throughout the twelve tracks on this album, we get a sense of how Webb feels when she’s in love, when she’s hurting following a breakup, and when she’s falling in love again. It comes with a depth of vulnerability that Webb says should be accepted “without judgment.”