6LACK – Since I Have A Lover

The Baltimore-born, Atlanta based R&B singer opens a new chapter

On the heels of a few years spent lending his name and Spotify algorithm to up-and-coming artists as a feature on over a dozen songs following his last long-form release, 6pc Hot EP in 2020, Atlanta R&B stalwart 6LACK dropped a new track, “Since I Have A Lover.” The track comes about a week following the news of his 3rd studio album, of the same name, is on the way, hitting the shelves on March 24th. “Since I Have A Lover” represents 6LACK’s first releases since December 2021’s dual-offering, “Rent Free” and “By Any Means,” which have combined for over 21 million streams on Spotify as of this writing.

The track appears to mark the start of a new classic era for the 3-time Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling singer, the shift in this case from deeper sounds to more bright, energetic vibes, moving on to greener pastures from undertones of the dark rap side of 6lack, namely songs like “PRBLMS” and “Scripture.” Think of Frank Ocean as a comparison for this new direction, slightly spiritual, but conscious at the same time.

In a stunning vocal performance, 6LACK sings of a new romantic endeavor and the stability that comes with it, “Soon as I felt your touch / feet just left the ground / I been tweakin’ since the first time around / second time around, gettin’ on the gown gotta say a vow”

The track feels like No. 1 on the tracklist material, and at the end features a tempo change that provides a sneak peek at what can be expected for track 2, where he sings of future plans, “Thinking about getting on one knee / turn that solo to a beat / and make your heart skip a beat.”

The accompanying music video features 6LACK falling from the sky through the roof of a house, then losing control of his bodily movements while in the house. He then floats around the neighborhood, which is in reference to the aforementioned lyric about “tweakin’” and witnesses a child chasing a white dove, and a couple kissing passionately. We then see couples being lifted into the air together, alluding to the feeling of love and happiness when you find your someone. The music video racked up over 5K views on YouTube within an hour of its release on Wednesday morning.

6LACK wrote the song with the trio of producers, each of which he has worked with independently, FWDSLXSH, Sounwave, and Sir Dylan, who have separately had their hands on releases by PARTYNEXTDOOR, Lil Nas X, blackbear, Kendrick Lamar, and The Weeknd.