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Martina Stoessel, also known as TINI, might only be 25 years young, but her resume is already stacked with accolades people work a whole lifetime to achieve.

From age 15, TINI entered people’s living rooms as a teen actor after securing the lead role of Violetta in the Disney Channel original show of the same name in 2012. Unlike most people debuting onto the scene, her introduction to the world of entertainment was far from subtle as Violetta was an instant hit across Latin America and parts of Europe (think of Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place level of success). The show enjoyed three seasons, its own movie, co-headline tours, and even took home countless awards before calling it a day.

In recent years, TINI has put acting on the backburner in order to focus on her career as a full-time pop star, morphing into one of Latin music’s biggest names. In 2021, she won Best Latin American Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards and has been named the No. 1 Argentine female artist on Spotify. Thanks to her growing success and ability to embody various genres, it seems a whole ray of powerhouses have been keen to jump on the TINI train as in the past year alone, we have seen her collaborate with Anitta, Becky G, Ozuna, and Christina Aguilera, to name a few.

Continuing her journey to global superstardom, TINI released her long-awaited fourth studio album, Cupido, on February 16 through a partnership between Hollywood Records and Sony Music Latin. In promotion of the LP, the Buenos Aires-born singer discussed Cupido, her desire to act again, working with her peers, and what she has planned for the rest of 2023.

You have officially unleashed your new album, Cupido, into the world. How does it feel for it to be released as you had been working on it for some?

Cupido is my fourth album, a very special one, as it brings many of my life stories and emotions into music. Cupido has been in the works for some time and just came into the light at a perfect time. I’m grateful, filled with love and happiness, for this release that has connected me with fans worldwide.

I learned that Cupido debuted in Billboard’s Top 10 Latin Pop Album Charts, my first one on any Billboard album charts, which makes me continue on this rollercoaster ride of emotions.

What made you want to title the record Cupido?

Cupid is the beginning of the story. Just the word itself – Cupido – gives you a feeling. When you think or hear cupid, a character known for being the one who “initiates” love with his crush, you think of love and everything that it can bring you in terms of feelings and emotions, which is the purpose of the album – to feel, to sing, to relate, to connect, to live. The story of this album begins with all the emotions, from love to heartbreak.

How have you felt about the crazy reception of the album?

I’m beyond amazed and grateful for the reception of the album. As I’ve been saying, this album brings a lot of emotions through its songs, the lyrics, and the beats on each, which is an assertion of the connection I wanted to have with the fans.  

The love fans are giving to all the songs is impressive, to have been able to break the Top 50 barrier for the second time in my career with the most special song of the album, which is “Cupido.” That was a great surprise and I am very excited that you have been able to receive it with so much love.

What are you hoping fans are going to take away from the album?

This is an album full of stories and emotions with lessons, motivation, reassurance, and empowerment. Those are the key takeaways that I want fans to hear and feel in this album. One of the examples would be that if a relationship doesn’t work, life goes on and you won’t be alone. Friends can also bring us happiness and comfort and we must be strong and decisive.

Some people may have been introduced by you from your Disney days. How has it been transitioning from a teen actress to a full-time pop star?

The transition has been full of discipline and focus, two key values for any role, regardless. But, to become a full-time pop star requires more time to be ready in front of thousands in a live show, to sit down and meditate, to write and make music, to practice and record the songs, the dances, work on the vocal cords. Definitely, the Disney experience shaped and allowed me to face my career today the way I do.

You recently expressed that you want to start acting again. Are there particular roles or genres that you are keen to take on next?

It’s challenging to go back to acting again, but I am motivated by my love and passion for it. After playing Violetta and the experiences I’ve had in my career, I am ready to do this. 

How was working with your peers Becky G and Anitta on “La Loto?” The video looked like a lot of fun!

Working with Anitta and Becky G was fun indeed, but there was also a lot of respect and admiration for each of them as women in the music industry. Also, “La Loto” speaks about a determined woman who positions herself as the “big lottery prize” in the song’s love story, which we can relate to.

There are so many killer collaborations on this album. What has it been like teaming up with so much talent?

Thank you. I love the collaborations on this album, too. To be able to share songs with other artists is definitely something that enhances the sounds and it’s a process where I learn a lot from the people I work with. It’s fun, it inspires me, and allows me to go beyond what I can do.

There are many artists I admire, as well as their music, so that’s what I will look for when choosing who I will work with next.

The Latin music scene is taking over the world. What is it about the music that you think is really captioning audiences globally?

There’s no doubt that Latin music’s popularity has captured audiences globally. But, what truly makes Latin music different, is its rich diversity, fusions, and collaborations that bring together a wide-array group of talented artists from different backgrounds with different sounds, creating a bond that is not defined by the success of our music but by the power of our culture.

You are embarking on a tour later this year. How will these shows differ from your previous tours?

My desire to be with my fans, to sing and perform these new and powerful songs with them is what will make the upcoming shows different from prior tours. It’s going to be very special. The desire to sing, connect, bring joy, and emotion is what will make it different. I’m looking forward to all the shows coming up.

It appears you’ve developed a real passion for promoting your music on TikTok. What is it about that app you enjoy so much?

TikTok makes me dance, connect, learn, stay on trend, and keep me closer to the fans regardless of where they are and their time zone… I just love to create content and connect.

What else have you got planned for the rest of the year?

There’s a lot for the rest of the year – from shows on tour, special appearances, festivals, award shows, and vacations, and spending time with family and friends as well – all with love and emotions just as we started the year with Cupido.