Tove Lo – Borderline

Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo released her newest single “Borderline” last Friday, and fans are raving about it all over social media.

The song was co-written by the singer herself and Dua Lipa. Tove Lo took to Twitter to tweet, “This is the very first song we wrote together and the very start of our friendship so this feels extra special.” This collaboration is one for the books.

This single follows the very successful track “No One Dies from Love,” released in 2022 and is already massing around 48 million streams on Spotify.

Tove Lo’s pop hit “Borderline” immediately jumps into a high energy beat. This song is definitely one for the dancefloor and mimics the style the pop singer is famous for. The song is about the beginning stages of love when you are on the borderline of something terrifying yet exciting.

She opens the song with, “Good people do bad things too / Pretend they don’t know, but they do / It takes one to know you’re mine / You and me, we are one of a kind, it’s true.” These lyrics set the scene for the rest of the song which is full of insightful descriptions on perilous love.

The chorus then details her newfound infatuation. She sings, “Tonight, for the rest of my life / I’m gonna be stuck on you / Hold on till I’m makin’ it right / No other love felt like you / I can’t give it up in this fight.” She perfectly describes the “fight” that is newfound love and the need to set up a perfect relationship from the beginning.

The lyrics accompanied by the dance music make this a perfect song for those who love the fright of love.

The “Talking Body” singer released a music video alongside the song set in a car junk yard and follows a car crash test dummy’s infatuation with the singer, signifiying the danger that comes alongside new love.

The video ends with a high speed chase with a devastating car crash while Tove Lo sings, “I cross my heart and hope to die.” The final scene is the test dummy leaving the burning car. The video is very impactful and depicts love in its rawest form.

The singer described the video by sharing on Twitter, “As always, it’s bizarre, emotional, sexy and will blow your mind.”

This drama filled ride of a song and video written by two pop sensations is one to check out.