Sam Fischer & Amy Shark – High On You

Sam Fischer is famous for his smoothly-flowing and soft love songs that have earned comparisons to Lewis Capaldi’s, and this new song, “High On You,” with Amy Shark is just the soft love song that we need to soundtrack a romantic scene, either in a movie or in real life.

The song explores an aspect of love that’s not often sung about but is beautiful all the same. It speaks to the kind of love that gets its perfection from being imperfect and knowing it. If you’ve ever wondered how someone can love you despite all your flaws, then you’ll relate to the message in Fischer and Amy Shark’s new single. So it’s basically about a love where every day isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean that love cannot continue to exist.

Some days I can’t get out of bed but that don’t mean I don’t want you in it / Some days I can’t like what I see but I feel alright when you’re looking at me,” Fischer sings, opening the listener to a relationship that’s facing turbulent times.

Amy Shark sings the second verse, but it is more of a continuation of Fischer’s message than being the listener’s chance to hear from the second lover’s perspective: “Some days I can’t be who you hope but that doesn’t mean I want you to go / Some days I’ll push you to the edge but I’m just projecting the things in my head.”

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Fischer said: “Finally, at long last, the mental health is at bay and while the sadness is sleeping, I present to you with happy tears in my eyes, a sweet, sentimental, introspective, heart-melting duet with Australian angel Amy Shark, a love song called ‘High On You.'”

He continued: “In all seriousness though, I’m honored to be able to call Amy a friend and do this song with her, she’s a one of a kind talent, her pen is pure gold and I’ve been a fan for ages so this is going to be a special time.”

For Shark, a duet with Fischer has been something she’s wanted for a while. “I’ve been listening to Sam’s music for a few years and really loved the song he did with Demi [Lovato] especially. My manager was playing a song in his office, and I heard it from the studio and was like who the hell is that, and he said “it’s a Sam Fischer” demo that he wants you on,” she said. “I didn’t even think, I just said yes. The song is epic and I’m proud to add some Shark to it.”

Accompanied by acoustic guitars and the ethereal voices of Fischer and Shark, “High On You” shatters the illusion of a perfect love story.