Role Model – a little more time

For those of us familiar with the name Tucker Pillsbury, last Friday was an incredibly eventful day… not only because he was featured in one of the most iconique magazine covers of all times thanks to GQ (iykyk), but also because, Tucker, better known by his stage name Role Model, released his most romantic song to date, “a little more time.”

The American hyper-pop, singer, and songwriter has gone almost fully acoustic with the new single, showcasing yet another facade of his artistry after having just released his debut album Rx. Following the incredible success of a highly anticipated global tour which had to be postponed due to the pandemic, Tucker proves once more that he’s one of the really exciting voices of his generation, allowing for a dialog to be created around the idea that counting on your person to become the motivation you need in your day to day life.

As the internet communities surrounding him and his partner Emma Chamberlain indulged in their openness about their relationship in a recent article, Role Model decided to double down and share an incredibly vulnerable song that in his own words, “is about feeling stagnant in life and realizing that your romantic partner is the motivating factor to escape the funk.”

“a little more time” comes accompanied by a set of visuals directed by Chamberlain herself. The video certainly hits differently thanks to the concept of it being filmed with the DIY concept in mind. Simple but effective, it is the perfect imagery to go with heartfelt and intimate lyrics like “I could use a rain shower, blue hour, two-hour drive upstate / Sunflower, willpower, maybe all it’s gonna take is a little more time with you.”

With a melody that wraps around your head in a very comforting way, the new single is certainly an earworm and it’s guaranteed to stay with you for hours and hours. Without a single regret, we can definitely admit we’ve been playing this on repeat for the past three days, no shame.

The new track marks the beginning of what seems to be a new chapter in Tucker’s musical career and it’s got people really excited for what’s to come. With the soft-boy brand perfectly being embodied and accepted in his music, Role Model has generated a sincere buzz that cannot be manufactured and that’s the little something that separates him from the rest of the musicians in his sphere.