Photo: Zamar Velez

Omar Apollo – 3 Guys

2023 continues to welcome new music from up-and-coming artists who have raised to new heights recently, amongst them, Grammy-nominated Omar Apollo. In this new iteration, Apollo proves, once more, that his versatility as a singer and songwriter is unparalleled — he basically keeps us on our toes without deviating from his alluring and soothing brand too much, but also without allowing for his style to become repetitive; a truly remarkable ability to have developed as such a young artist.

“3 Boys,” the title of his new single, sees Apollo open up even further about his sexuality — which he has never been shy about sharing in the first place and which has gained him the respect of an entire community of incredibly devoted fans. On this occasion, he moves away from the monogamous dialogue to explore the territory of polyamory. However, the story is not based around the idea that Apollo himself was exploring this from the get-go but rather that one of his partners brought up the idea and he decided to try in order to get closer to his partner, ultimately resulting in an interesting pull and push discourse.

The soulfulness of the chorus remarks the main attraction of the song. While elaborating more on his conflictive ideas about polyamory and why he’s currently in the position of being a victim of unrequited love, he’s also belting left and right as he showcases his admirable vocal capabilities and range. “Three boys would work if I wasn’t so tethered to you,” he sings, continuing, “What should I do? / I can’t even choose / I’m tethered to you.”

In his own words, “When I first started writing songs I would often write about unrequited love. Eventually, I wrote songs about the complexities that come with a relationship. ‘3 Boys’ was my first time writing about something non-monogamous. Having more than one person to talk to. 🧐 I wrote the song on a rainy day in London. I spent most of December there, mostly just because I wanted to get out of America. I ended up going to the studio more than I thought I would. I wrote the song with a friend of mine, Dylan Wiggins. It seemed like we were both in the same mind state for a song like this. The song wrote itself really quickly. I also had my friend Mustafa help me with a few lines after I played it for him.”

With a Grammy nomination under his belt and numerous other critical acclamations, Apollo has unlocked a whole new level of celebrity in his musical career and with more music in the near future, we hope to see him rise to the top, as he certainly deserves it.