Mychelle – Hurts

Hackney-born singer Mychelle has officially opened 2023 with the new track “Hurts,” which is about a love that’s run its course. Released on February 10, “Hurts” follows her late 2022 single “Tightrope” and is a notable change from her previous works.

“Sometimes love is like a cycle / Things can really take a turn / I wonder when you saw us failing/Maybe you saw it first,” she sings in the first verse.

The chorus introduces us to the pain that might initially come from deciding to walk away from a relationship, despite it being the right decision. “Yeah it hurts, yeah it hurts, yeah it hurts because it’s over now / And what’s worse is that maybe deep down we could’ve worked it out / But something is telling me to listen to my doubts.”

In the second verse, she sings that even though “there’s still parts of us that I love,” she knows that the “doubts” she’s been having lately about the relationship is real.

Accompanied by a music video that tells the story of a relationship breaking apart and how one’s friends can help cope with the pain, we see the main female star have a sleepover with her friends after an argument with her boyfriend. In the morning, when cleaning up her house, she finds something that belongs to the boyfriend. The video ends with the two embracing.

Speaking on the video’s conceptual direction, Mychelle said: “The music video is my second collaboration with Thea Gaji. After seeing how amazing the ‘Tightrope’ video turned out, I was very keen to work with her again. We used actors instead of me being the lead. I think this was the way to go as they have the ability to convey the emotions of the song much better than I probably could.”

Mychelle also opened up about how the song came together, saying: “This song came together during my first session with Hugo. I really enjoyed working with him as he was able to draw out the indie sounds that I like. Having played guitar and been a busker for years, I’ve always enjoyed mixing the guitar vibes of folk and indie music with soul and R&B.”

Produced alongside Hugo M. Hardy (Poppy Ajudha, tinyumbrellas, David Gray, Sfven), “Hurts” derives its sound from indie, folk, and alternative influences.

The release of “Hurts” follows the May release of her acclaimed sophomore EP Someone Who Knows, which features the standout track “Forbidden Fruit” featuring ENNY.