Maluma – La Fórmula (feat. Marc Anthony)

Hitmakers Maluma and Marc Anthony have joined forces once again. After having initially worked on Maluma’s remixed single “Felizes Los 4 (Salsa Version)” in 2017, and subsequently forming a close alliance, the Colombian superstar has recently teased a new track with the singer on social media. Now, the pair finally released their brand new collaborative single last week, titled “La Fórmula” – and it’s an ultimate alsa banger. 

It’s been a great few years for Maluma, without a doubt. Ever since his breakthrough album, Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy, his career has evidently skyrocketed and throughout his journey, he pushed boundaries within his genre and beyond – from Grammy Award nominations, touring huge arenas across the world and collaborating with the likes of Madonna and Shakira, to pretty much becoming a fashion icon in the meantime and working with luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Balmain and Calvin Klein – The mega star is truly a force to be reckoned with.  

The new single marks his first release of 2023, and is going to be part of his highly anticipated upcoming album which will be the follow-up to his successful project, Papi Juancho, in 2020. It starts off with a smooth, melodious Reggaeton-infused sound, however shortly after, the up-beat salsa vibes, alongside trumpeting horns, kick in. The track is about lost and unrequited love – with Maluma crooning that “Lo llevas tatuado en tu corazón / Fácil, rapidito conseguiste un reemplazo, Y de repuesto te buscaste un payaso” and Marc Anthony’s passionate chorus telling us that “No hay una fórmula para odiar tus besos / Ni una ecuación que el resultado lleve a esol,” the duo have not given up hope in a happy ending.

Produced by both Maluma and Marc Anthony, as well as Rude Boyz, Edgar Barrera and former “Felizes Los 4” collaborator Sergio George, “La Fórmula” is an undeniably bubbly release that animates its listeners to dance along to instantly, and highlights both singers’ outstanding artistic versatility. It arrives with an official music video shot in black and white at The Hit Factory in Miami that shows us an intriguing insight into the entire recording process of the single. 

Last year, Maluma announced his farewell from his Papi Juancho’persona, and with his new single, he has now officially launched his new chapter as Don Juan. It’s not yet clear when his new album will be released, but fans can be prepared for more music to come.