Lauren Spencer Smith – Best Friend Breakup

Taken from her forthcoming album, Lauren Spencer Smith continues to gleam through the wonders of ones to watch as “Best Friend Breakup” sets her out for the rest of the year.

Venturing the highs and lows of a break-up (not the kind of break-ups we know), but the type that comes from falling out with two best friends, the ones that hit the hardest and ones that everyone has experienced. Spencer Smith entails us on a journey as she sings, “Everyone at school thought we were sisters / Dressed the same, talked the same, together all the time / You could find me in your family pictures / Next to you, in the frame, but you moved on, and I’m replaced” via the prosperous yet vulnerable vocals that are on full display to her fans.

Followed by the sharp lyricism of the chorus, “Ooh-ooh, now you don’t know me at all / You left with no warning / Always thought that it’d be love / That was gonna mess me up / Didn’t think it’d hurt this much / When best friends break up,”¬†listeners are treated to the full story, worked by the juxtaposed, unfiltered feelings of traded melodies and sharper beats. Overall sharing the emotional trauma of being replaced by the one person you imagined never living without.

Sentimentally connecting the hit track to the creative lyric video, Spencer Smith brings their friendship break – up to life through the nostalgic, polaroid baby photos of her, joyrided by the magnetic letters – emphasising the childhood she once had with her best friend. With the individuality sense perception of the video alongside longing vocals, Spencer Smith hits the mark with her latest work, yet not her last of this year.

With an impressive 2022, Lauren Spencer Smith continues to follow a path of girl-boss pop. A streak of songs that resonate with her fans. And at the same time, go through the turbulence of adulthood herself.

From the wonders of TikTok to now holding honours of two 2023 JUNO award nominations to her name and a debut album on its way, Spencer Smith might only sit here at 19 years old, but “Best Friend Breakup” proves already that she knows her place.