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Izzy Bizu – Walk Away

Kicking off 2023 in style, well-known British singer-songwriter Izzy Bizu collaborates with emerging vocalist Joe Devlin to bring her latest single “Walk Away” to life.

Formed on the basis of the importance of friendship, Bizu takes her listeners on a journey of empowering each other on friendship yet understanding the true reason for self-love. Told by the delicacy of intimate lyricism, the track is the latest testament to the importance of a healthy relationship and the strength of the people around you.

Continuing to showcase the truths of ones to watch but at the same time, a talent that proves to grow year after year, singer-songwriter Bizu works with Kal Lavelle (Ed Sheeran) and Lloyd Hinshelwood & Theo Douke, to provide us with a tune assisted by breeze production alongside the complemented sweet, raw vocal offering. With the work of the high-energy, pop single “DUMB” back in 2022, Bizu brings something new to the table as she expands her ongoing growing discography.

With her dedication to honing her songwriting craft, Bizu opens the single with “Sometimes I feel it in my gut / I don’t know what’s happened, what’s happened to us / You used to make me laugh so much / Now you got me chasing, chasing that rush” setting the tone of her storyline, to the front of the scene with the main chorus of “If he don’t show he loves you, then you gotta love yourself / Walk away / Walk away / Walk away / And if you feel like you can’t trust her, then you gotta trust yourself / Walk away / Walk away / Walk away.” We learn a tale of experiences that resonate with the people of the world.

From one angle to the next, we’re entailed by a track of wonders and truths as Bizu knows her worth and shares her secrets with the truest of friends. Speaking of the track, Izzy Bizu explained that: “‘Walk Away’ is about two friends giving advice to each other about how they should be treated in relationships. Know your worth and walk away if you’re being held back – good energy is contagious.”

With the success of “White Tiger,” her debut album, A Moment of Madness, and winning the BBC Music Introducing Award in 2016, to name a few, Bizu continues to maintain a strong presence within the heart of the music scene and slowly surprises the critics around her as they and I sit here questioning what she’s going to do next.