girli – Imposter Syndrome

Wow, girli really packed on the fears and sorrows with her latest single, “Imposter Syndrome” – released on February 3rd. As fans already know, it’s not unlike girli to go deep into the fears that cripple us, and her fans already rank her as one of those singers who aren’t pulling any punches.

“I wanna cut my hair and leave the city life / Cause I’ve become a girl, who I don’t recognize / On the guest list, or you’re worthless” – the opening lines of the song do a very good job of introducing listeners to a song that’s about ranking our self-worth on our own sense of what an approval rating should be, and feeling useless when these ratings we measure ourselves by fall through.

She continues by singing: “Shouldn’t have been there in the first place / I’m feeling like a fraud, who’s gonna save me? / I’m so paranoid that everybody hates me / Wear a big smile, when it’s in style / Am I someone or in denial?”

Once we get to the chorus, we hear the singer contemplating whether she’s an “imposter” or a “poser.”

It really makes sense as the follow-up single to “I Really F**ked up,” which has garnered 3 million streams across all credits. If you asked the London-based artist why it was necessary for her to put such extreme feelings into a song, she’ll tell you that it came about during a time when she was feeling very vulnerable and unsure about what to do next.

“I was overthinking everything, feeling like a fake, scared that I was an underachiever and that everybody knew it and was laughed behind my back about it. I kind of go through life feeling like everybody else has a guidebook, and I’m just making it up as I go and getting it wrong,” girli said in her press release. “This song is about wanting to run away because of that feeling and being so unsure of yourself it scares you.”

On February 10, “Imposter Syndrome” will be accompanied by a music video, which sees her collaborating once again with the highly-acclaimed director Kassandra Powell. As one of the artists who uses stunning visuals in her videos, fans are always in anticipation to see how she would use her creativity and glam to complement her relatable lyrics.

At the moment, girli is gearing up to kick off her “F**ked It Up” tour, which will see her visit Brooklyn, make stops at Chicago and LA, before working her way around cities in Europe.