Photo: Luke Smalley

Eddie Benjamin – All For Nothing

Eddie Benjamin is the full package. The singer-songwriter, known for working on tracks for other critically acclaimed artists like Alessia Cara, Meghan Trainor, and Shawn Mendes, also adds producer credits to his impressive belt, which is already heavy with the many musical instruments he can professionally play.

When it comes to his live presence, his performing skills have been praised far and wide, most notably by Grammy, who admitted that he can perform as well as his legendary favorite “Jimi Hendrix.”

So, it’s not a wonder that fans are on the look out for a full-blown project from him, and with a debut album set to drop this year, “All For Nothing” is the perfect start to a year that might well be all about Eddie Benjamin.

The first time fans heard “All For Nothing,” it was at a Justin Bieber concert and enthusiastic fans, who were awed by the song, immediately went to listen to it online, only to learn that it was unreleased. So yeah, its arrival on February 10 was a long time coming.

With an interesting chord progression, the Australian singer tells the story of being true and giving your time for love, only for your lover to give you up by getting into bed with someone else. “Shook me how you struck chords I didn’t know / Keep replayin’ my heart like it’s your favorite song / No running away from this / Know you laid your dreams by his.”

Speaking about the song, Benjamin explains that it offers “an unfiltered perspective on being deeply in love and experiencing your first heartbreak by being cheated on.”

Accompanied by a music video that uses surrealism to complement the song, we see Benjamin, and clones of himself, in a palace-like setting. Sometimes twisted out of shape, and sometimes being held on by more hands than one person can carry, the music video uses beautiful aesthetics and a slowly dancing Benjamin to convey the pain of heartbreak.

“All of the songs are pretty life-shifting experiences I’ve gone through,” Benjamin said of what fans can expect from his upcoming album. “I wanted to tap into actual meaning within the art. This body of work represents the most monumental and meaningful moments for me, and I just had to get them out. It was painful. It was exciting. It felt like I’d grown up. It was an interesting and beautiful process.”

It’s clear that Eddie Benjamin has carved his own lane and he’s comfortably riding it to global attention. It won’t be a surprise to see him taking over music charts.