Dove Cameron & Khalid – We Go Down Together

The Dove Cameron fan base is buzzing. The queen has dropped a new hit with Khalid that sounds so different from her other records and they want more. But, “We Go Down Together” is not just different from Cameron’s previous sounds, it actually stands out from most of the songs on the charts these days. This signals the singer’s need to stand apart from the rest.

After what was an amazing 2022 for Cameron as a result of her smash hit “Boyfriend” – and being named the “Best New Artist” at the AMAs and VMAs – she’s kicking off this year with a song that speaks about the intense emotions that can arise from love.

When you hear Cameron and Khalid perform together on the track, you immediately understand how right it is for them to sing together. Their voices complement each other, and where Cameron leaves off, Khalid flawlessly enters that it starts to feel like the perfect dance listening to the two incredible artists blend and separate their voices.

“Sometimes we fly, sometimes we fall / Sometimes I feel like we’re nothing at all / Dream in the light, dance in the dark / You fill the spaces inside of my heart, mmm,” Cameron sings, a little echo joining in to lend her voice an ethereal air.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh / Mmm, mmm,” Cameron and Khalid harmonize, before Khalid’s solo begins: “Am I really mine? Are you really yours? / If all your emotions cuts straight to my core / Times when you cry, I feel it all / Whenever you leave me, I wait for your call.”

Throughout the entire track, we get introduced to lovers who are so into each other that they’ve lost the essence of what it is to be individuals. Places like “Sometimes the line has just never been drawn,” and “You are everything I’m living for” serves to drive the message of a boundless love home.

As for the lyrics, it’s open for interpretation depending on the views of the listener. To one person it could be about true love, to the other it could translate to a toxic relationship.

To Cameron, it definitely symbolizes the kind of love that’s true and pure. “This song is very personal and special to me,” said Cameron. “Working with my friend Khalid on this record makes the experience all the more magical. I’ve been exploring different sonic palates as I write my debut album and finding new ways to give myself to my fans. This song and accompanying music video are like a little distilled love letter in a bottle. A song about a timeless love, the kind of love that makes you feel like you might be the only two people left on earth, and you wouldn’t even notice.”

The accompanying music video is a masterpiece and reinforces the message of the song through dramatic and compelling visuals that only feature Cameron and Khalid.