Bebe Rexha – Heart Wants What It Wants

Bebe Rexha is no stranger to releasing a pop banger, so it comes as no surprise that her newest release “Heart Wants What It Wants” falls right into that category. The release of “Heart Wants What It Wants” comes on the heels of Rexha releasing “I’m Good (Blue)” with producer David Guetta, a song that received a Grammy Award nomination and broke into the top 10 spots of the US Billboard Hot 100.

While “I’m Good (Blue)” samples “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65, “Heart Wants What It Wants” is an original creation that pays homage to the pop music of the ’70s. Rexha has a co-writing credit on the song, and “Heart Wants What It Wants” is the lead single for the singer’s upcoming studio album. Given that lead singles are the best preview of an album’s tone, “Heart Wants What It Wants” indicates that Rexha’s third studio LP will be a retro party of bops.

The ’70s influence is present throughout the production of “Heart Wants What It Wants,” and Rexha’s unmistakable vocals elevate the disco-pop feel of the song while still seamlessly fitting with Rexha’s discography. It shows that even as Rexha tries something new, her trademark sound is not lost.

Content-wise, Rexha shared in a press release that “Heart Wants What It Wants” shows “the time in relationships where you fall out of love with your partner” and is “an anthem about wanting what you want and not being apologetic for it.”

Even though “Heart Wants What It Wants” may appear like an anti-love song, at its core it is a song of self-love and empowerment.

My heart only wants what it wants / What it wants, what it wants ’til it doesn’t / I can’t promise you love, it was love / It was love, it was love ’til it wasn’t, oh / So good ’til I get enough, so good ’til I give it up / So good, but my hеart is sold on you ’cause/ My heart only wants what it wants / What it wants, what it wants ’til it doesn’t,” Rexha sings in the single’s chorus.

The music video for “Heart Wants What It Wants” shows Rexha filming a music video on a set of a ’70s-era home while a camera crew uses vintage equipment. During the song’s final chorus, Rexha is filmed performing a dance sequence with backup dancers.

In the press release for “Heart Wants What It Wants,” Rexha shared that she just wants “everyone to have a good time” with her music, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. “Heart Wants What It Wants” achieves this goal, and it promises that Rexha has even more feel-good hits on the way with her next album.