Ashnikko – You Make Me Sick!

Whether you’re aware of London-based artist Ashnikko or not, the chances are high that you have heard her on your TikTok feed in 2021 when several of her songs, such as “Stupid” featuring Baby Tate and “Daisy,” went viral on the social media platform. Her long-awaited project DEMIDEVIL then cemented her further into the spotlight by highlighting her remarkable talent, rage-filled signature sound, and effortless storytelling. Keeping the momentum going, she then performed at some of the biggest festivals worldwide last year, including Lollapalooza Brazil, Primavera Sound Festival ,and New York’s Governors Ball, to name but a few, as well as a debut headline tour.  

Now, she has finally returned with her first single since 2021 — “You Make Me Sick!” — which might just be her most aggressive track to date. 

When speaking about it, she says: “I’ve decided to come back with my angriest, most cathartic song to date. My own personal rage room for me to smash my plates.”

The title already suggests what the song may be about but with furious lyrics such as “You f***ing loser! / Red-meat deadbeat, you f***ing tumor / Can’t believe I let your hands inside my bloomers,” and “You like my boots? / I could squash you like a little rotten fruit On your jugular and leave a pretty bruise,” it becomes pretty evident that the track is about an ex lover who better won’t cross Ashnikko again, ever, unless they want to live with the consequences. The nu-metal-inspired sound paired with the artists’ compellingly thundering vocals turns this offering into the ideal track for days when everything and everyone is bothering you. But most importantly, it once again shines light on the North Carolina-raised hitmaker’s sonic versatility and undeniable talent of delivering banger after banger. 

“You Make Me Sick!” comes with an intriguing music video – and let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be an Ashnikko video if it wasn’t slightly intense and somewhat eerie. Shot by Saam Farahmind, the visuals perfectly align with the overall raucous mood of the track. We can find Ashnikko dressed in all latex and portraying a H.R. Ginger-inspired nun who is feeding her disciples venom through a tube, followed by her dancing in a sea of black sludge. 

This release is only the beginning of what is going to be another eventful year for the rapper. Fans can stay tuned for much more music to come, as well as catch Ashnikko at more festivals across the globe.