Anne-Marie – SAD B!TCH

“I just wanna make things clear,” SAD B!TCH should definitely be a January song to kick off the year with, but February works too.

As fans already know, no one does fun songs like Anne-Marie: the bestselling artist who blessed us with hits like “Ciao Adios,” “Friends,” and “2002.” In her latest single, she continues her streak with a song that literally screams BE HAPPY!

“This ain’t another sad girl anthem / I’m headin’ down a different road / Anything that’s toxic’s cancelled,” she sings in the opening lines of the song, building up to the chorus that tells us that “Being sad is so last year.”

“SAD B!TCH” is the follow-up single to her top 5 UK hit “Psycho” featuring Aitch. “Psycho” spent seven weeks inside the UK top 10 and has received the Gold certification for being streamed over 75 million times, so her bar is already set so high.

“I’m fed up, tryna keep a boyfriend / Do I have a job? I don’t know / My momma so disappointed,” she sings dismissively of her pains, instead promising to put the sadness behind her and focus on being with her friends “f**ked up, getting rich.”

Traditionally, songs that touch on that beautiful topic of wealth have gone on to become worldwide hits. If you don’t believe it, ask Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” and Bruno Mars’ “Billionaire” on how they performed. So it’s no doubt that that line, “fucked up, getting rich,” alone could strike gold. Couple it with lyrics that tells us to put our sorrows and our pains behind us and embrace a “new page,” and we might have finally got our breakout hit of the year.

Of the single, Anne-Marie says: “’SAD B!TCH’ is a song about not being sad anymore. Whether you’ve had a break-up, lost someone, you’re feeling down or just hate your boss. It’s time for happiness. It’s time for a change of plan. Time to put yourself first. Time to turn the page. Leave it behind and start again. A new chapter, a new storyline. A new you.”

If “Psycho” and “SAD B!TCH” represent what we can expect from Anne-Marie’s upcoming third studio album, then we are looking forward to a body of work that’s about sadness, heartbreak, healing and moving on happier and freer than ever.

The single was accompanied by a music video that sees Anne-Marie being her exuberant self and letting loose all by herself at an Essex theme park. With Anne-Marie walking around the lonely park and trying out the rides in an oversized, orange puffer jacket, the video reinforces the message that the song already explores, which is self-love and just letting go.