Anna Shoemaker – Holly

And suddenly, music has never felt so good. Materializing laid-back vibes and indie style into a blissful sonic experience, Anna Shoemaker offers her latest single “Holly.” The 28-year-old Pennsylvania native continues to maintain her status as one of pop’s most layered artists–an unriddled vocalist and instrumentalist with a raw edge that defines her cool persona. If fashion’s long-time it-girl Alexa Chung made music, it’d surely be akin to Shoemaker’s discography.

Gaining major industry cred since her 2018 debut, “Holly” is a true amalgamation of everything we’ve come to love about the songstress over the last four years. It’s mature yet youthful, it pays homage to the classic sounds of Fleetwood Mac while feeling positively modern. What’s clear, the starlet’s groove has never been steadier, especially with a spellbinding beat of “Holly” to boast at bat.

Unapologetic and brazen like her euphonic sisters (and inspirations) Alanis Morisette, Sheryl Crow, and Lauryn Hill, “Holly” affirms Shoemaker as a daring lyrical titan. “I told Holly we were high but we came down / I spilled coffee on my shirt so I wore his out / Last time I was at his place I was way too weird I couldn’t stay / I told Holly I was good ‘til you’re around,” she sings with an ethereal indie twang. Against a textured set of instrumentals tailor made for a festival setting, the quirky lyrics paint a playful picture we’re all eager to get a piece of.

“Though I didn’t write these songs for anyone but myself,” the singer says in a press release, adding, “People connecting with it – my lyrics, the sounds, the stories I’m telling has me feeling gratitude to make music more than ever before.” And lucky we are to live alongside Shoemaker’s tuneful talents.

Further immersing ourselves into Shoemaker’s world of whimsy, the track is accompanied by a music video placing her at the forefront of a woodland paradise. Complete with an audience of farm animals as she frolics through grass and plucks her guitar upon a vintage sofa, our cigarette-clad Shoemaker is like a chic, edgy Snow White. If “Holly” is any indication of what we’ll hear from the singer in 2023, we’re sure to be promised a harmonious gift of alt-pop glory.

“Holly” is available everywhere. More to come from music’s latest muse this year, including a feature within the Netflix movie Your Place or Mine (due later this month). Follow Anna Shoemaker for updates.