Introducing: SOFY

Covid and seemingly never-ending lockdowns have certainly been draining for all of us. But, also good things came from it, such as SOFY’s music. However, when you listen to her, you would suggest that she has been making music since forever. The Leicester-raised, now London-based singer-songwriter, is on a mission to reinvent the 2000s britpop with her band. And with her unique, laid-back sound, she is truly a breath of fresh air. 

“When I started writing songs during COVID I didn’t really have much direction in my life,” she reveals when I ask about her fast-paced journey so far. “I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. But then when I started writing songs, I was like, this is my thing. And it just suddenly felt like this is what I meant to do.  I’ve got a lot of energy and once I’ve put it into something I only do that. So I think that is maybe why it’s accelerated a bit more than the normal trajectory of someone in music.” 

And it’s true – ever since she started out, it’s been a whirlwind for her. Last year, in particular, was a groundbreaking year for the gifted artist as she has performed in packed out tents at some of the UK’s biggest festivals such as The Great Escape, Leeds, and even Glastonbury, bearing in mind that it’s only been her debut festival season. But most importantly, she has further introduced herself into the scene with her critically acclaimed EP, Bored in Colour PT. 1. Only two weeks ago, she has finally unveiled her long-awaited follow up, Bored in Colour PT. 2

Just like PT. 1, the sequel is stacked with alternative pop anthems that tackle themes such as self-discovery, heartbreak, and societal pressures, and everything in-between, in such an easy-going way. It’s safe to say that her tracks are relatable to anyone who has ever gone through the ups and downs of life. “It’s a collection of songs that are around the same themes of being in your 20s, in London or wherever you are,” SOFY recollects. “It’s a collection of different stories and feelings. Some of them are my own, some of them are my friends’, some of them is stuff that I’ve overheard on the tube.” While the previous project has already beautifully highlighted SOFY’s effortless pen game and incredibly stunning vocal talent, PT.2 turns it even up a notch. “Sonically, this part of the project has more of an eclectic mix of songs I would say. So there’s upbeat bangers, like ‘Ego Maniac’ and ‘L-Plates.’ And then there’s also ‘By The Way,’ which is an acoustic slow jam.”

Additionally, if you’re a fan of playing FIFA and have purchased FIFA ‘23, then the chances are high that you have been familiar with the included track “Big Talk” for a while now as, you guessed it, it’s been selected for their renowned soundtrack. Being a major football fan herself, Leicester City supporting to be exact, this was undoubtedly a huge milestone for the songstress. “I played FIFA for years and years and years,” she chuckles. “My dad had this old copy of FIFA ’98 and we used to play it on the PlayStation 1. I’ve got a lot of love for the whole team at EA Sports and the way they give opportunities to like smaller artists like me. We might not usually get that sort of exposure. It’s crazy,” she says proudly. 

The release of Bored in Colour PT.2 is only the beginning of what is due to be another career-defining year for SOFY. In March she will be gracing the stage at London’s Lafayette, and whoever missed out on her quickly sold out shows last year, should move quickly now as this show is going to be sold out in no time. “Me and my band always have a little pre-match huddle before we go on stage. I’m not the kind of person that has to eat or drink anything. I get a massive adrenaline high when I’m on stage,” SOFY reflects when I ask if she has a pre-show routine to calm potential nerves, and admits that performing in London, her now-home, has always felt extra special. “When we play in London all my friends are there. And that is always really nice. And it does feel like my musical home because it’s sort of where I’ve done most of my career. So it’s nice to play shows in London,” she affirms.

Apart from her show in London, you can expect SOFY at Liverpool Sound City and many other festivals this summer. It’s going to be a mighty exciting year for the songstress, so stay tuned for much more to come from her as with her talent, passion, and dedication, there’s no doubt that she will continue to make waves in the music scene for years to come.