Zara Larsson – Can’t Tame Her

Zara Larsson is ready to pull you into her world with her 80s inspired banger "Can't Tame Her"

It’s been a while since Zara Larsson released original music, with the album Poster Girl dating from 2021. The Swedish pop princess did pay homage to the original Swedish pop icons by covering “Lay All Your Love On Me” last May, however. In doing so, she laid the groundwork for her new single “Can’t Tame Her,” which sees her embrace the dark-disco pop vibes even more.

Of course, if there’s one thing that people can rely on when it comes to Larsson, is that she knows how to deliver quality pop music. “Can’t Tame Her” is no different in that sense, with an incredibly addictive hook and catchy chorus. Written to be enjoyed both on the radio and the club, an 80s-inspired synth melody immediately sets the tone. For fans of the iconic “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd, this song should therefore surely be a treat. It’s not just the synth, however, that makes the track so enjoyable. There’s also a little bit of manic energy sprinkled into the piano, not unlike Elton John’s “Still Standing.” The cherry on top is of course Larsson’s untameable vocals that truly get to shine as she effortlessly slides from the chorus to the bridge.

Speaking on the song to Billboard, Larsson noted that it is meant to be an empowering, upbeat song. “People want to put girls in a box of what you should do or not,” she explained. “I’m out there, I’m very loud. I try to stay true to myself and surround myself with people who care about me.” This is expressed in the lyrics through Larsson’s admiration for the girl running her own world: “And you can’t change her, can’t blame her, can’t tame her.”

Important to note is that the song doesn’t feel like a call-out or a warning. Rather, it’s more so an anthem of liberation. A celebration of a woman doing what she wants, when she wants, just for the fun of it. And really, that’s exactly the type of energy we need in 2023. 

In the accompanying video, Larsson is not only serving music, but also looks and face. Starting off in an elevator, Larsson meets another version of herself that’s daring her to follow her into another world. It’s the embodiment of self-empowerment, as Larsson liberates herself from any outward expectations. Rather, she’s singing and dancing to the high-tempo track like there’s nobody watching except herself. As the Swedish artist has just gone somewhat independent, it’s nice to see her creative output reflect her newfound control.

You’d almost forget, but Larsson is only 24. With almost 10 years in this industry, Larsson may be a veteran, but she’s also only now growing into her own artistry. If anything, “Can’t Tame Her” indicates the start of an exciting new era. While Larsson has certainly never lacked self-confidence if previous songs like “Ain’t My Fault” 0r “Love Me Land”  are anything to go by, she’s also quite the perfectionist. May this new album highlight and embrace everything she already is, an unapologetic pop princess who is ready to dominate and deliver.