Sam Smith – Gimme (feat. Koffee & Jessie Reyez)

Sam Smith’s return to music has been glorious – with the success of “Unholy” now being followed by another collaboration that’s got all the ingredients for a certified bop. New track “Gimme” is filthy, sultry and breezy – the perfect dancehall track.

Previously best known for their dramatic, gospel and soul-infused ballads, Sam Smith has entered their new era with confidence and sexiness. Joined by Jamaican gem Koffee and Canadian singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez, Smith embraces unbridled want on their latest offering from album Gloria.

“I’m a sexual person, I like sex,” Smith says when describing the track as pure filth. “It’s something I’m teaching myself to not be ashamed of. Me and Jessie were basically drunk, drinking whisky in Jamaica, two in the morning, running around absolutely wasted, like two girlfriends having a laugh.”

With lyrics like, “Voyeurs are watching us / Giving me such a rush / When I’m crazy and drunk on love / Give me what I want, give me what I want, yeah,” it’s easy to imagine singing along to the track’s super catchy chorus. Whether you’re at home or at the club, chilling with friends or trying to seduce someone – this song immediately sets a fun and flirty vibe.

It’s not the first time that Reyez and Smith have collaborated on a track. In 2018, the two worked on a song together with Calvin Harris that you might be familiar with; “Promises”. However, “Gimme” offers a more minimalistic dancehall approach, and much more explicitly erotic lyrics – literally asking their partner to give them what they want.

It’s ballsy to release a song in January with such a strong summer sound, but it’s certainly worked out well for Smith. The track is off to a great start, having already been previously teased on TikTok. Besides, who doesn’t want to pretend that they’re actually still in full holiday mode?

If you’d like to experience the immaculate sultriness and filth that Sam Smith has to offer on new record Gloria, you’ll be glad to know that Smith is taking their album on the road this year. Kicking things off in July, they’re set to tour through North America before heading off to the UK and Europe. With Jessie Reyez set as special guest for virtually all US dates, lucky fans who manage to get tickets will surely be treated to an amazing live performance of “Gimme.”

Listen to the song on repeat right here: