Photo: Ebru Yildiz

P!nk – Trustfall

If you ask fans of P!nk which album they think she didn’t get just right, they will not waste time in setting you straight on the matter. Their response is almost always the same, P!nk does not have a bad record in her catalog. She never disappoints, so I understand why fans can count on her to catch them in a trustfall.

When P!nk sings, hearts listen, and “Trustfall” is no different. As the second single teases her upcoming ninth studio album, also titled Trustfall, the singer reinforces a message that’s come to be recognized with her artistry: don’t be afraid to be yourself.

For many decades since the singer became a global sensation, she has been known to be as unusual as she chooses, often sporting a pink pixie crop during her earlier days. Now, she’s decided to bottle up all those years of confidently doing whatever she wanted in a song. “Picture a place where it all doesn’t hurt / Where everything’s safe and it doesn’t get worse, oh my / We see through bloodshot eyes,” she sings.

The single was released on January 27 alongside a music video that sees P!nk in her element: dancing, floating, and dressed like someone in a biker gang. “Are you gonna fall? Is someone supposed to catch you? Or do you catch yourself? There will be something worth falling for,” she says at the beginning of the music video, as we’re introduced to two stars subtly admiring each other in a room with other people.

“Close your eyes and leave it all behind / Go where love is on our side / It’s a trustfall, baby,” she sings in the chorus, poignantly adding, “You and I and everyone alive / We can run into the fire / It’s a trustfall, baby.”

Throughout the music video, we see the two stars kissing or in an affectionate embrace, leading us to believe that the hurdle the woman is trying to overcome is having a meaningful relationship with the guy. However, when the female costar jumps, it’s P!nk who catches her, and offers her these words of advice: “You’re shit scared and your whole body is shaking… go in there and just fucking do it / Just do it, whatever it is, and then boom, it’s gone / The fear is gone.”

For P!nk, the song is her way of telling people to “live authentically and fearlessly” like she does.

The Grammy winner co-wrote the song with Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid, who also co-produced the song alongside Fred.

The album Trustfall arrives on Feburary 17 via RCA Records.