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Maisie Peters – Body Better

Maisie Peters has released her most personal record yet and it’s about the cruel thoughts that can come to our minds following a particularly hard breakup. “You said it was nothing I did and nothing I said,” Peters sings, and well, if it’s none of these, it’s got to be the body right?

It might have taken Peters a little time to find her unique sound, but she’s sure sticking to it. When you hear “Body Better,” you know it sounds like Maisie Peters and only Maisie Peters. With a chorus that sounds so ethereal you can’t help wanting to hear it over and over again. The song delivers its message of giving so much of yourself away to a lover until they decide they don’t want anymore.

As the first song that teases the British singer’s second album – even though the project is yet to be officially announced – it sets the stage for what could likely be a post-heartbreak album. Writing “Body Better” after a recent breakup, the singer tapped into her feelings at the time and remained honest in her lyrics until the very end.

“I wrote it after a breakup and it deals with the ugly things you think to yourself in the aftermath, when you’re painstakingly going through everything small thing you did and were and wondering what you could have changed,” Peters says of her mood when writing the track, adding, “It’s a song about insecurity and vulnerability, about giving a lot of yourself away to someone who decides they don’t want it anymore and knowing where to go from there.”

And it’s true, you really can’t get more vulnerable than these words: “The worst way to love somebody is to watch them love somebody else and then work out.”

“All the hows and the whens and whys” that usually come at the end of every relationship made their way into the lyrics. Questions like, “Was I just an idea you like?” / “How does it feel to be the one to make me cry?” / “I can’t help thinking when you touched it, were you sorry?” and others chased themselves down in the lyrics, with the principal question being, “Has she got a body better than mine?”

The track was penned by Peters alongside Ines Dunn – the songwriter behind some of Mimi Webb and Griff’s hits – and produced by Matias Téllez, who is notably known for working on tracks for artists like AURORA and girl in red.

This is perhaps the most touching song by Peters to date, and if she continues at this rate, she’s going to make us cry next.