Pic credit: Alex M Kennedy

Surf Mesa – City Of Love (feat. Selah Sol)

Surf Mesa continues to redefine California pop as we know it with his latest rhapsodic single “City Of Love” with Selah Sol. Adding another sure-fired hit to the songster’s impressive dossier of tracks alongside the RIAA Platinum-certified “ily (i love you baby)” featuring Emilee and “Carried Away (Love to Love)” with Madison Beer), the singer merely reaffirms his place as music’s ultimate feel-good ride or die. 

Sonically speaking, “City Of Love” is rhythmic bliss. Able to maintain an upbeat pace from start to finish, it’s no surprise the song leaves listeners exhilarated; truthfully, it’s what Surf Mesa does best. Sublimely swelling into a pulsating chorus, the tune is an immediate, infectious toe-tapper. Creating musical pick-me-ups since 2019, it’s become more than clear there’s no better artist to add to your playlists for a midday spark.

As if “City Of Love” didn’t already establish enough sonic euphoria for a day’s dose of music, its associated visualizer seamlessly amplifies the track’s contagious west coast vibes. Featuring professional downhill skater Cole Trotta making his way through the scenic canyons of Malibu, CA, Surf Mesa manages to create a supremely cool and collected remote experience. Channeling all the senses–the only thing that would make listening better is smelling the beach air itself. It is full winter mode at the time of writing so thank you, Surf, for bringing summer to us a few months early (we needed it!).

Pining lyrics sit against cheery instrumentals as he sings, “I’m feeling lonely in the city of love / Thought I’d be different but it’s four million / Try to move on but somethings holding me on / Cuz I think about you.” Who says songs about longing needs to sound sad anyways? Providing a space for listeners to dance through their hardship is a special talent mastered by Surf, and his 12 billion combined global streams are a testament to his ability to foster a domain for catharsis.

“My heart has taken its time to sit with this song for a while now,” the singer mentions of the song in a press release. “I first heard the vocal from Selah Sol in October of 2021 and I spent that same night in the studio, drawing my imagination to audio. Countless versions and revisions have been made until this one and I could not be more ready to share it with the world! This song resonates with my life and sonic sound to a T and I hope it resonates with listeners, too.”

Surf Mesa’s “City Of Love” featuring Selah Sol is available everywhere.