Louis Tomlinson – Shepherds Bush Empire, London

“Last show of the year tonight, London!” Louis Tomlinson told a roaring sold-out crowd of 2,000 people at Shepherd’s Bush Empire last night. The show at the iconic venue in the UK’s capital was a special one-night-only gig to celebrate the release of his sophomore album, Faith In The Future. Released last month, it became Tomlinson’s first solo chart-topper in his home country. 

After wrapping up his first 81-date world tour across five continents in September, last night’s setting was far more intimate than what the Doncaster-born star has been used to recently. Welcomed by a room full of screams and handmade signs, Tomlinson kicked off his 12-song set with “The Greatest,” a song he previously told EUPHORIA. he always envisioned as a show opener during the creative process of his record. Keeping with the high energy, Tomlinson dived straight into “Kill My Mind” before singing the Arctic Monkeys-infused “Written All Over Your Face,” an obvious career highlight and a smash hit waiting to happen. Out of all the One Direction songs Tomlinson could have sang, it was the heartfelt “Night Changes” he chose to put his own spin on. Vamped up with a full band production, his solo version was another reminder as to why “Night Changes” remains top tier. As the show continued, Tomlinson made sure to slow down the pace with the mellow “That’s the Way Love Goes” before closing with “Saturday.”

Venturing out on your own after being a member of one of the most famous pop groups of all time is not the easiest challenge to overcome. For Tomlinson, it appears his recent journey as a solo artist is on an all-time high and going just the way he hoped. With so much touring experience over the past 10 years, the 30-year-old is going down as a seasoned performer who keeps getting better and better. Never one to shy away from his admiration for his fans, the consistent crowd interaction in between each of the songs proved that performing on stage is where Tomlinson shines the most and what he enjoys doing more than anything else. 

With numerous chants for “Angels Fly,” a song from the new record that has yet to be performed, that might be fans’ only critique of the special show. While they wait to witness it live with bated breath, there is always his 2023 arena tour for that song to get the justice it deserves. C’mon Louis!

Full set list:

“The Greatest”

“Kill My Mind”

“Written All Over Your Face”

“We Made It”

“Bigger Than Me”

“Night Changes”

“Copy of a Copy of a Copy”

“Out of My System”


“Thats the Way Love Goes”

“Silver Tongues”