Rebecca Black – Crumbs

Rebecca Black has opened the doors to a new era. In an Instagram post shared on November 10, the singer uploaded a video that saw someone in laboratory clothing opening up a large Russian doll and unleashing each era as the set of wooden dolls decreased in size. Before revealing what could be her new album artwork, the video cut to an announcement that stated that her debut LP, Let Her Burn, is coming in the early months of 2023. 

While fans wait for more information surrounding the album, its lead single, “Crumbs,” is out into the world to get keep everyone hyped. The electronic, PC music-inspired song hears the queer-celebrated 25-year-old express her inner thoughts while providing a mix of seductive and whispery vocals over a chaotic production. “So cherry chaotic, the taste of losing control / I’m chasing down the drip sip down the rabbit hole / Now I’m staring down the metal barrel of your gun / I surrender on a bender, you’re the drug,” Black sings in the opening verse.

“As I enter this new moment, I wanted to explore the vulnerability I’ve felt in finding balance with submission, dominance, and sexuality,” Black says about the track. “I’ve had to dive into my own body to feel the deeply powerful but also dangerous feelings of relinquishing control.”

To accompany the song is a futuristic music video that allowed Black to explore her artistic vision. In the opening scene, Black can be seen wheeling in an operating table while looking glam in a corset top and thigh-high boots. She struts into an empty room where someone is laying down on a hospital bed with their face covered. After peeling the red material off the patient’s face, viewers learn that Black is portraying two characters in one scene. As the video goes on, more personalities of Black are unleashed as the inner thoughts inside her mind continue to come to life.

With her long-awaited debut album on the way, it’s fair to say that the past few years have been nothing but a crazy ride for Black. Once upon a time, she was only referred to as the teenager with the viral hit “Friday.” Over a decade later, however, she has a credible career in pop music that continues to break the norm. In 2021, she was included in Variety’s “Power of Pride” list and released the delicious Rebecca Black Was Here EP. That said, 2022 was no quiet year. Following a sold-out North American tour, she came to Europe and headlined even more shows. As the year comes to a close, we know that 2023 is going to be Black’s best year yet.