dove cameron

Dove Cameron – Bad Idea

Dove Cameron has another iconic hit under her belt with new release “Bad Idea.”

The single details a situation almost everyone can relate to as Cameron sings of diving headfirst into a decision that will probably hurt in the long run. But if it feels good in the moment, what’s the harm?

I know I shouldn’t do it, but I’m gonna do it/ See exactly where I shouldn’t go, I’m running to it/ I been trying out the high road and I hate it/ I got a lot of sins, but you’re my favorite,” Cameron muses in “Bad Idea.”

Cameron has come a long way since her days of starring in The Descendants film franchise. The singer is nominated for New Artist of the Year at the upcoming American Music Awards, and she is a rumored favorite to be nominated for Best New Artist at next year’s GRAMMY Awards.

2022 has proved to be a breakthrough year for Cameron, and each of her new releases seems to build upon the confidence found in her viral hit “Boyfriend.”

With “Bad Idea,” Cameron sounds unabashedly confident and self-assured, ending each thought with an unbothered “F*ck it, let’s do it again.”

Bottom line, we made it out the first time/ Still in love and half-alive/ We didn’t die, but no guarantees this time, we might/ Alright, f*ck it, let’s do it again,” she sings in the song’s bridge.

Her voice is sultry throughout, and Cameron’s soft vocal delivery and speak-singing gives “Bad Idea” a casual feel. These techniques fall in line with the single’s melody and effectively match its central message of briefly returning to an on-and-off relationship.

While Cameron herself shines in “Bad Idea,” the song’s pitfalls are in its production, primarily the audio mixing. It is difficult to make out the lyrics with just one listen, and the synths found in the chorus of “Bad Idea” threaten to bury Cameron’s vocals.

Thankfully, “Bad Idea” is a song that warrants repeated listens, in part because of how undeniably catchy it is. While it is a shame that Cameron’s performance and the relatable lyrics of navigating a situationship are at times lost in the song, “Bad Idea” can still be classified as a hit.

It may not pack the punch or staying power of “Boyfriend,” but “Bad Idea” is a solid addition to Cameron’s discography and helps set the tone for her future debut album, whenever it may arrive.