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Stephanie Shepherd

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Since working closely with one of the biggest families on TV, as the Chief Operating Officer of Kardashian West Brands, Stephanie Shepherd has paved her own way when it comes to using her social platform to start making a change in the world. Her interest in the environment did not just come out of nowhere. It all started after she watched Vice President Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. “As an adult it just hits differently, Steph says passionately. “I think I better understood the sense of urgency and I felt very inspired by Vice President Gore‘s work and I wanted to do my part.”

stephanie shepherd

If there was anything that her previous role taught her, it was to “get hands on.” “Front row experience at one of the biggest businesses in the entertainment industry and the education I learned is invaluable! ” With millions of people watching her every move, Steph felt there was no time like the present to inspire and relentlessly pursue her passion of global activism. No day is the same though. From creating content, calls/meetings and looking after her dog, Binx, here’s what a day in the life of Steph Shepherd looks like. “I’m grateful for the freedom to make my own schedule, “ said Steph.

“Most days, I’ll work out at Rise Movement or use my Openfit workout app in the morning— come home and get ready for the day  — then I typically have calls/zooms and then a lunch meeting, I love a lunch meeting— then more calls for Future Earth or Plus, (a new biodegradable body wash brand which Steph has been appointed as Chief Impact Officer), maybe shoot some content… I’ll play with my dog Binx in between and then I always try for an early dinner.”

Let’s talk about Future Earth- Founding the non profit “climate club” that helps raise awareness about the climate space and funds through its popular online community , here’s how Steph decided this was something that was to become a reality. “After I participated in the Climate Reality training program, I was excited and eager to share the information that I was learning with my friends and my peer group,” exclaimed Steph passionately. “However, I felt like the research and information that I was finding wasn’t really tailored to reach an Instagram generation and I saw an opportunity to blend what I know about digital brand marketing with fact based climate education.”

stephanie shepherd

Making a change is not always easy, but regardless of what it may be, there are always small and simple steps to take in order to achieve that goal. “I think the first step is just expanding your knowledge and education of the situation, explained Steph. “At Future Earth, we always say education is a catalyst for change, the more you know, the better you can do for yourself and for your community. And yes, we can all make better choices as it relates to consumerism. But for me, I think the biggest and most important thing we can all do right now is to vote for government leaders who support and push for climate initiatives and support the grassroots activist groups who are working every day to advocate for our environmental justice!

The importance of making a change is something that is a massive part of Steph’s life. Finding the balance between fighting for what she believes in and taking care of her own mental health, as well the importance of self care is something that Steph initially found hard to separate.

stephanie shepherd

“I think most would say my job is pretty unconventional, maybe now it’s becoming the norm, I don’t know,” steph mentioned. “When I worked a traditional 9 to 5 and in my 20s, I think it was definitely harder for me to separate life and work; I think work always took priority. Now I think in my 30s my priorities have shifted; yes my work still very much defines who I am and there is a lot more I want to do professionally, but after going through what I’ve been through over the past two years– what we’ve all been through— I think prioritizing real moments with people you care about and love trump all.”

“I think as a society firstly recognizing that we have to invest in and nurture our mental health just as much as we do our physical health has been a really important shift,” Steph says as she talks about the importance of mental health. “For me, that means setting boundaries in friendships and relationships, reading more, internet less, journaling, integrating a spiritual practice into my day to day and prioritizing therapy appointments!”

stephanie shepherd

“I’m also learning to say no; no to projects that I’m not passionate about, no to going out when I don’t want to, no to events that will surround me with people who don’t make me feel good about myself, no to anything that doesn’t help me become the best version of myself.”

Social media has been and still is a big part of Steph’s life. “Well, where I am right now in terms of my career, social media kind of makes my world go round. It definitely impacts my day-to-day work and I still love to use social media to connect with people. But I have had to put up boundaries for my mental health.”

At the end of the day, everyone wants to be happy with whatever they do and with the person they become. “There is always room for improvement and evolution, but yeah I think I would make my mom proud.”

So what’s next for Stephanie Shepherd?  In June, Steph partnered with fragrance brand, SNIF, to bring a modern, genderless fragrance called Suganami. They worked together to create a luxurious scent experience. “My LUV AJ belly chain collab is out in full force for summer. And in the spirit of manifesting, more acting opportunities, more writing, producing, and creating meaningful content!”

stephanie shepherd