photo: Lillie Eiger / press

Dylan – Girl of Your Dreams

22-year-old Tash Woods, better known as Dylan aka one of the most exciting pop talents in the UK at the moment brings yet another banger to our ears and we have been admittedly listening to it on repeat — even before it came out. This will not come as a surprise to anybody who is queued in on the outrageous TikTok world of Dylan, who has certainly mastered the use of the app for both teasing music and connecting to fans in such a relatable way it’s almost impossible to not love her content. For what feels like an eternity now (even though it actually might have been just a week or two), the rising star has been making videos dancing to the chorus of what could be one of the catchiest alt-rock+pop songs ever and subconsciously, fans have memorized it to the point that we’ve been basically been begging for the song to come out, and it finally has!

The new single titled “Girl Of Your Dreams” is Dylan’s first release with a major label (Island) and it definitely marks a huge milestone in her career, however, the massive fanbase she’s managed to build as an independent artist is a sign that an honest connection with people combined with hard work will take you incredibly far.

In true Dylan fashion, the tension in the song is palpable thanks to the electric guitar riff supporting her soaring vocals ahead of the pre chorus where an explosion of harmonies suspends the listener while the beat builds up as she sings “one bad habit, they call me an addict / I’m too damn tragic, to be this romantic / A three word panic that I keep on hiding from you.” And that’s the biggest live moment waiting to happen. After this the young singer/songwriter proceeds to state the true intention of the song, a “want me” song.

In her own words, “’Girl of Your Dreams’ is very simple and straight to the point. The day I wrote it, I was feeling a lot of frustration towards someone who sadly had absolutely no interest in me. Ultimately, they hadn’t done anything wrong, so instead of writing a ‘screw you’ song, I wrote a ‘want me!’ song.”

The track comes accompanied by a video co-directed by Dylan and Carla Dauden which not only fits the track perfectly as she breaks into the house of the person who she’s fixated on but it also shows a huge step in the visual evolution of the future queen of UK pop.

The release comes just after she finished a series of gigs supporting Ed Sheeran, including five sold-out nights at Wembley Stadium, the dream venue for any artist to play in — especially when they’ve been imagining it since they were 11 years old like Dylan herself. With a sold-out UK headline tour coming later this year and hopefully more releases ahead, we couldn’t be more excited for Dylan to take us on a ride!